Exclusive: Charlton owner confirmed as clinically insane

Roland Duchatelet’s comments to the Belgian press today about foreign owners not understanding local football cultures which was one of the reasons that he decided that St Trudien should remain in Belgian ownership are only predictable to Charlton fans because we all know that our owner is completely insane.

The Football League may do a financial health check on prospective owners but they obviously don’t do a mental health check which Roland Duchatelet would comprehensively fail .

Why oh why did his advisers persuade him that his first choice Crystal Palace wasn’t actually made of  crystals ?

One thought on “Exclusive: Charlton owner confirmed as clinically insane

  1. Cant comment too much on the insanity bit,I am very busy at the moment preparing for my tight rope walk across the English Channel blindfolded,but it would appear Derby County will have the managerial dream team for next seasons Championship push,two coaches who were part of the rise of The Foxes,getting back to your theme I cant help thinking back to Robert Graves “I Claudius” ,with Caligula and the Big White horse,it could end up Roly and The Big White Elephant.

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