Charlton has lost its soul

As I was watching the wombles celebrating their victory today and in particular the players embracing the owners, directors and management as they stood on the Wembley gantry , my mind wandered as to what would the scene be in the highly unlikely event of Charlton winning a Wembley play off final next year .

The players reaching the gantry to be congratulated by exactly who ??? I think we can be sure that our insane owner will not be there . Katrien Meire and Richard Murray might be and if they are , they will be cowering and surrounded by security men protecting them from their own fans who will be chanting abuse at them. Who else is there ??? Maybe Chris Parkes & Richard Collins , at least they have been there forever . Prominent fans and ex directors like John Hayes, David White , John & Jill Humphries , Jim Davidson are all great supporters but alienated from the regime . Roger Alwen , Maurice Hatter and Michael Grade rarely attend these days .

The management and ownership  of the club is completely disengaged from all levels of its fanbase , supporters and stakeholders. There is no feeling of togetherness , there is only bitterness and acrimony.

Football is above all else a team game and success will never be achieved whilst the ownership have no understanding of how to create a team, both on and off the pitch.


2 thoughts on “Charlton has lost its soul

  1. I couldn’t agree more, leaving basic anger and the sense of injustice of it all aside ,why do they stay? the CEO is the least popular person to ever run the club in my opinion,and I go back to 1961 all through the Gliksten period, The owner seems to have no plan,no strategy, its June tommorow, nobody wants to manage the team,every week someone seems to resign,most of the players will be gone soon,its just an empty shell.
    Football is about pain and passion,results can either make or break your weekend but for the bulk of last season,”who are we going to lose to this week”,when you don’t feel the pain of defeat the ties are breaking.

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