Depressing lack of change in the Charlton Boardroom

Our new experienced British manager and a couple of half decent experienced British professional footballers have arrived and are welcome . Let’s hope for the first time since the Belgians arrived , they realise that you need more than just a few good players to carry on winning games after September .

Unfortunately our incompetent CEO remains apparently unfireable regardless of scale of failure and ineptitude and hasn’t even got the decency to recognise that her position and status with supporters and stakeholders is untenable and resign.

I am a fan of Richard Murray for all that he did to provide us with fantastic premiership football and that is a great legacy , but for heavens sake Richard , we have had 10 years since then of unremitting failure , year after year ( apart from the brief spell under Varney and the Powell) . When you asked what should I do , resign and go and sit in the North Stand ? – the honest answer has to be Yes, you should. There is no shame in stepping down , it happens to all of us , business moves on , organisations change and they need new ideas , impetus and drive.

You would be very welcome to sit with me in the East Stand , we’ve got a lot more space now that my mate and his wife (40 years plus) , 3 of my other mates (20 and 40 years plus) have not renewed their season tickets. They didn’t relinquish their season tickets because Charlton are in the 3rd division again – they gave them up because they have no confidence in the people running the club.

Presumably we will soon get a sheepish admission from the club that season ticket sales for this season have dropped off a cliff together with sponsorship and every other source of significant revenues.

At what point does a CEO or a Chairman stick their hand up and admit responsibility for catastrophic failure. Charlton needs a new CEO , a new Chairman and preferably , although this seems less likely , a new owner.


Managing in a Minefield

Russell Slade was finally appointed today as the new Charlton manager . Apparently , according to Katrien Meire ( who depressingly didn’t announce her  resignation at the same time ) it is the ‘start of a new era’

I might remind you that Russell is 55 years old , so he’s a bit old to be starting anyone’s new era . Nevertheless , I wish Russell every success on and off the pitch . I cannot remember any previous new , non ”interim” manager inheriting such a complete shambles and he will need the combined skills of Jose Mourinho , Winston Churchill and Henry Kissinger to create any kind of success with Duchatelet & Meire at the helm .

As Chicago Addick has so eloquently put it in his blog this evening, let us hope that tomorrow’s press conference is not full of nonsensical platitudes that Ms Meire has become infamous for and that the local hacks ask some searching questions about Slade’s ability to manage /recruit/select players without interference from our idiot owner and his gormless sidekick. Is there a sensible budget in place to get promoted , are we going to sell our best players now ?  How do the club intend to get back disaffected fans ? , how are the club going to address rapidly declining season ticket sales  , revenues, lack of sponsors and a complete lack of trust from the entire Charlton community ?

As the great Johny Nash song goes ….



Russell Slade next for the sack at Charlton

Russell Slade will be surely confirmed as the next Charlton manager to be sacked next week.

Russell’s role will involve interacting with the maddest geriatric owner in the football league , the most incompetent , inexperienced and clueless Chief Executive in the football league , an unbalanced squad totally unsuited to the challenge of the 3rd Division and a completely disheartened , disillusioned and rapidly declining fanbase.

Welcome to Charlton, Russell.