Russell Slade next for the sack at Charlton

Russell Slade will be surely confirmed as the next Charlton manager to be sacked next week.

Russell’s role will involve interacting with the maddest geriatric owner in the football league , the most incompetent , inexperienced and clueless Chief Executive in the football league , an unbalanced squad totally unsuited to the challenge of the 3rd Division and a completely disheartened , disillusioned and rapidly declining fanbase.

Welcome to Charlton, Russell.

2 thoughts on “Russell Slade next for the sack at Charlton

  1. Yes well said,what I find myself doing lately is looking at former top flight clubs that have either become non league or constant lower league or yoyo clubs,Grimsby,luton,Portsmouth,leyton Orient,Swindon,Carlisle,Sheffield Utd,OxfordUtd,Notts County,Blackpool,Bolton Bury,Wimbledon,many only had a brief taste,and we have the fallen giants like Leeds,Blackburn,Villa Newcastle,Wolves,Sheffield Wednesday,even Ipswich have been league champions,the point is there is no divine right to higher status,you need to be a well run club with an eye on the future,an eye on the bank,although Leicester obviously have strong backing,but they still won the premier league with a team that cost £22million,says so much for good organisation,good management and an owner who leaves it to the professionals,
    sorry Albury didn’t mean to steal your thunder,to me Burnley are the shinning light for all medium size clubs,they literally came back from the brink to twice making it to the Premier league,our CEO should be sent there to do an apprenticeship on how to run a Club,who crucially kept their manager and trusted him,as did Hull City,hats off to them,need to lie down now.

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