Managing in a Minefield

Russell Slade was finally appointed today as the new Charlton manager . Apparently , according to Katrien Meire ( who depressingly didn’t announce her  resignation at the same time ) it is the ‘start of a new era’

I might remind you that Russell is 55 years old , so he’s a bit old to be starting anyone’s new era . Nevertheless , I wish Russell every success on and off the pitch . I cannot remember any previous new , non ”interim” manager inheriting such a complete shambles and he will need the combined skills of Jose Mourinho , Winston Churchill and Henry Kissinger to create any kind of success with Duchatelet & Meire at the helm .

As Chicago Addick has so eloquently put it in his blog this evening, let us hope that tomorrow’s press conference is not full of nonsensical platitudes that Ms Meire has become infamous for and that the local hacks ask some searching questions about Slade’s ability to manage /recruit/select players without interference from our idiot owner and his gormless sidekick. Is there a sensible budget in place to get promoted , are we going to sell our best players now ?  How do the club intend to get back disaffected fans ? , how are the club going to address rapidly declining season ticket sales  , revenues, lack of sponsors and a complete lack of trust from the entire Charlton community ?

As the great Johny Nash song goes ….



One thought on “Managing in a Minefield

  1. Did he not also make “Sladey beware of the devil” no that was Johnny Cash,and it was “boy named Sue”,Johnny Nash made “Susan Beware of the devil”.Just a thought.When I was young I was often called captain gullable I had this habit of believingly what people would tell and quite rightly you set out above all the questions most “customers”would like to know the answers to,lately I have been having gullable attacks,”has she changed,has she learnt her lesson,is Roly taking the pills,but you cant help being like that when something has been such a large part of your life,I think the cynicism will return,but I have decided to let gullibility rule me for a short while,Come on England!!!!!

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