Depressing lack of change in the Charlton Boardroom

Our new experienced British manager and a couple of half decent experienced British professional footballers have arrived and are welcome . Let’s hope for the first time since the Belgians arrived , they realise that you need more than just a few good players to carry on winning games after September .

Unfortunately our incompetent CEO remains apparently unfireable regardless of scale of failure and ineptitude and hasn’t even got the decency to recognise that her position and status with supporters and stakeholders is untenable and resign.

I am a fan of Richard Murray for all that he did to provide us with fantastic premiership football and that is a great legacy , but for heavens sake Richard , we have had 10 years since then of unremitting failure , year after year ( apart from the brief spell under Varney and the Powell) . When you asked what should I do , resign and go and sit in the North Stand ? – the honest answer has to be Yes, you should. There is no shame in stepping down , it happens to all of us , business moves on , organisations change and they need new ideas , impetus and drive.

You would be very welcome to sit with me in the East Stand , we’ve got a lot more space now that my mate and his wife (40 years plus) , 3 of my other mates (20 and 40 years plus) have not renewed their season tickets. They didn’t relinquish their season tickets because Charlton are in the 3rd division again – they gave them up because they have no confidence in the people running the club.

Presumably we will soon get a sheepish admission from the club that season ticket sales for this season have dropped off a cliff together with sponsorship and every other source of significant revenues.

At what point does a CEO or a Chairman stick their hand up and admit responsibility for catastrophic failure. Charlton needs a new CEO , a new Chairman and preferably , although this seems less likely , a new owner.


5 thoughts on “Depressing lack of change in the Charlton Boardroom

  1. The board are changing , they have listened they have British head of recruitment and manager plus three excellent signings with more to follow .
    It’s not doom and gloom it’s a bright future and one that supports and board should met half way and give Slade and the team a chance to succeed .
    People want them to sell , well there not selling as a div one team we need to be back in championship for any chance of that happening so support the team

  2. I totally agree and just want to get behind the team now, found the latter part of the season painful, not just on the field but more so with all the protests, I hope all the protestors don’t renew, I would rather have a half empty stadium with fans behind the team rather than all the negativity. Lets get behind the boys!!!!

  3. I guess long term the team will be unsustainable without fans through the turnstiles. A few changes do not fill me with confidence, although I hope the team is competitive in League 1. The contrast between the styles of Peter Varney and Katrien Miere provide an illustration of how far we have fallen in a decade. Those that choose not to attend home matches in protest still care passionately about our club, it is the current owner and CEO that are divisive.

  4. Admire the optimism of the replies but can’t see how the shambles of May has suddenly become a bright future all because of one new English manager. The clowns that caused the mess are still in situ and, to date, there’s no evidence of any major change of policy

  5. I will NOT be visiting the Valley next season – the club have taken a small step in the right direction by appointing a British manager and a couple of new players BUT Duchatelet and Meire remain in situ. Until Meire at the very least goes then my protest against the way in which the club is being run will continue and I will not be putting any of my money into their hands.

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