Rolexit and Katrexit

Well, we’d all vote for that wouldn’t we ?

This season marks 10 years since we were relegated from the Premiership and what a miserable decade it has been for Charlton supporters . With the exception of the 2 years when Peter Varney and Chris Powell brilliantly assembled a winning team , albeit in the 3rd division using Kevin Cash’s money , it has been a decade of unremitting failure and decline in every respect , dwindling crowds , revenues , sponsors and latterly a complete disintegration of the relationship between the diehard fanbase and the ownership.

To many of us , we go to Charlton because we wouldn’t know how else to fill our Saturday’s , I know from a personal perspective , I couldn’t stand shopping and all I would do instead is watch Sky Sports coverage praying for us to score .

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to be enthused about going to the Valley these days. Russell Slade seems like a decent bloke and we have bought a couple of  reasonable players  for this very low level, although we will lose considerably more talent than arrives over the next month. While Palace bid £31 million for Christian Benteke , we are chuffed to bits to secure Ricky Holmes from Northampton for £120k . Its a desperate end to a desperate decade.

When you consider the talent that Powell assembled last time in Hamer, Morrison, Taylor , Cort, Wiggins, Stephens, Hollands, Green, Wright Phillips and Kermogant , – in comparison with the current bunch , I would suggest that achieving an exit from the 3rd divsion this time is very unlikely indeed.

Anyway, I will be there and I would urge you to join me even though understandably many of you will be thoroughly fed up with the club by now. Although I loathe the current ownership and support CARD wholeheartedly , I am fed up with car park protesting and I just want to see my team win a few games for a change and enjoy a nice couple of pints and go home with a smile on my face to enjoy Saturday night.

We are due some luck at some point – surely no supporter should have to suffer more than one decade of misery . Perhaps all our dreams will come true , the team will over perform and get promoted , Roland will sell up and move onto his next crackpot project taking his incompetent  idiotic protege , katrien , with him.

Hope springs eternal.

5 thoughts on “Rolexit and Katrexit

  1. we got relegated at the end of the 2006/07 season, get your bloody facts straight before you slag off my team & russell slade. fed up with this, support the team or piss off.

    • Luke
      This is the 16/17 season so it is 10 years . I haven’t slagged off either the team or Russell Slade and I am supporting the team – don’t think you actually read the blog ?

  2. Here here AA – I am reading lots of stuff and to be honest I am filled with dread at what the upcoming season holds for fans of the Addicks.

    I understand the general loathing of the owner albeit I have a feeling that we as a bunch of supporters still need to realign our expectations to the new era of football ownership (which has many detractions for me and should be policed better by the FL).

    Anyway – your thoughts echo mine, I just want to put behind me all the current bile and just get back to – Saturday, game, result – move on.

    We have a British manager now, British signings and hope springs eternal, I trust some progress has been made towards turning a corner.

    Lets give Russell Slade and his emerging team some support and I am happy to leave it at that for the time being.

  3. Good manager one step forward, money spent to get Ajose from Swindon around 800 k one step forward,Novak and Holmes step forward, sales of our top players over 4 million ,unless Roland shows to fans he is willing to spend and not just pack the team with loan players it will be four steps back.

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