Charlton CEO resignation or dismissal is imperative

The news today that long term fan and excellent 24 year pitch announcer Big Dave Lockwood is resigning from his position in order to join the protests against the owner and his ‘ untrustworthy’  CEO and Deputy is just one more blow to the club.

Our Club CEO now presides over a business which is about one third the size it was when she took over.

She refuses to communicate in any way with the customers of the business .

In order to get in or out of the organisations place of business, the CEO  feels the need to have bodyguard protection to protect her against the organisation’s own customers.

The club have so far refused to reveal the scale of the season ticket collapse and have reacted stupidly to huge crowd decline by announcing additional charges to discourage walk up customers . Rumour has it that sales are around the 3,700 mark , a record breaking double decade low.

We are 3 weeks away from the start of the season and – just like the previous seasons under Duchatelet we are woefully short of the requisite number of competent players to succeed – even in the Third Division.

By any sensible measure of business performance  and in any business or organisation with commercial objectives and Key Performance Indicators  ( KPI’s ) eg reducing losses , increasing profits, increasing sales , improving quality , reducing headcount churn, improving customer service , enhancing customer engagement , recruiting and retaining good talent,  maximising commercial opportunities , increasing stakeholder engagement , improving company profile.

Meire has proved to be an abject failure on every single CEO KPI.

I cannot imagine any other organisation in the UK where this level of failure would not have resulted in resignation or dismissal.


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