What Peter Varney told me

Just before the season when we won Division One with a record points haul,Peter Varney told me that he and Chris Powell had made the acquisition of goal scoring midfielders the priority because you can’t win anything without a good goal haul from the midfielders.

We bought Dale Stephens and Danny Hollands to add to Johnnie Jackson for that purpose. Consequently, between them, they scored 26 goals that season.

Wingers are obviously helpful and in Harriot and Holmes, hopefully, we have an equivalent to Green and Wagstaff.

However has anyone got any ideas where 26 midfield goals are coming from this year?

6 thoughts on “What Peter Varney told me

  1. shaping of the squad for the coming season is a grave concern!
    i don’t see us going the distance,
    we will be missing that extra man namely THE FANS 5-6k ST sold is not good maybe RS has a plan and he see’s the best way to bring fans back in there numbers is to build a squad that entertains from the offset,
    i’m not against RD and his way of business nor who he employs let’s face it it’s his money at the end of the day he stepped up and pumped 25-30mil in.
    everyone has turned and all i say is be careful what you wish for.

    to answer your question regarding Holmes/Harriot YES much better Holmes very good signing remember we don’t have BWP/KERMO big difference and JJ was 3yrs younger this season he will struggle to get in squad so new captain would give to BAUER he will stand out in div1 solid defender and lead from the back!


  2. I agree its a worry,It is refreshing to debate playing matters rather than off the field politics,most of us have had our say,it looks like the owners are here for a while,do you have “Charlton” in your life or out,like with the referendum,I voted Remain,but will have to get on with a Leave vote. Football is full of uncertainties that’s why we love it,under Slade we might get surprises,tactics will play a big part and who knows a goal scoring centre back,full back whatever might come to the fore,I want the club to succeed this season,you never know it might make us a more attractive purchase for some bored billionaire,but I now am going to put my grievances on hold get behind the boys drink beer with my friends and kin on matchdays and enjoy my Saturdays,sounds a bit cheesy I know but you have to admit on many fronts 2016 will go down as one crap year..

    • Totally agree!
      Football is huge Business now and will always attract high end wealth or to much play money!
      i actually brought to the table the Turkish party,
      i can 1000,000% say RD was the better choice not only did he absorb massive external Debt,
      he also inherited a big family (fans) as you and i know Charlton is very unique because when the club was facing closure the fans stepped in and invested to help the cause,
      now the problem is 20-25yrs have since passed and football has moved on massively but some of the hard core fans still assume they own the club and haven’t moved on,
      i would predict that RD will consider selling only when he feels he has achieved his goal and that is to take charlton to the dizzy heights of premier league football!
      prior to RD arriving players and staff weren’t getting paid there was a real bad back stabbing coulter in the club” us the fans should sit back and let time be the decider.

  3. The one thing i would say is the front line we possess this year looks like it could be extremely promising. Ajose and Novak seem proven at this level as goal-scorers. Then we have Lookman (if we can hang on to him) who bagged roughly 1 in 5 at Champo level and looked like he has much more to give. Then as you mentioned those wingers should grab a few too. All in all we look more dangerous than we did that league winning year IMO.

    If i remember rightly JJ was penalty and set piece taker so that figure is slightly distorted. But either way i think people underestimate Kashi’s ability and if we can keep him fit i think he could certainly chip in with a few. Crofts is one i’m sure we will have to wait and see on.

    The big thing that everyone is overlooking is that we had the best defensive record in the league when we won it so the worry is not whether we will score goals but whether we can keep them out. At the minute theres no GK but theres talk of an imminent deal. If Bauer and Teixeira stay at and can keep fit then we could have a very strong back line with Solly and dare i say Fox. Not to mention Johnson you would hope would be more comfortable at this level. The other one is obviously Diarra who is defo Champo level but it remains to be seen what will happen with him.

    So overall i don’t think it’s quite the doom and gloom everyone thinks it will be, i actually think we could bounce straight back up if they can thicken the squad a little because there is a lot of quality there. Youngsters that were dismissed last year could be decent at L1 level, such as KAG, THD, Lennon and Charles-Cook.

    All we can do is wait and see what transfers are made and how Slade lines up. COYR!!!

      • In fairness, theres still a month to go until the window shuts. And either way he’s always going to play safe when it comes to expectations. All we can do is wait and see what happens, but no point getting down about it before the season has started or the window has closed.

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