Offer to Katrien

I’ve tried before without success, but it’s worth another appeal to Katrien’s philanthropic side. If she resigns or gets sacked before the opening game of the season, I will personally double today’s contribution from programme sales to the Community Trust.

If they raised £1000 from today’s sales, I will give them another £1000 , if it was £1500 then I will contribute another £1500 and so on.

Come on Katrien,you know it makes sense and you will be helping the whole Charlton community.

3 thoughts on “Offer to Katrien

  1. who cares wot you think, your an exenophobe nobody n Katrien is doin er best to turn things rahnd. She aint interested in your blackmail on ere.

  2. It’s actually far harder to write in the over-exaggerated cock-er-ney phonetic style that a2c favours than it is in good old English. In a way, as far as parodies go, even a2c must be getting bored now? It’s about as convincing as Roland’s ambition and Meire’s ability to execute it.

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