Russell, we are all behind you , we want you to do well, the few of us who are left will cheer the team to the rafters if they try hard for us – win, lose or draw. You will be a lasting hero if you give us promotion.

We will cheer you and support you as much as we can, we will encourage and urge our friends and family who used to come to the Valley to return but for heavens sake don’t expect us to give any credit to the owner and his CEO.

Your statement in tonight’s Evening Standard ‘ It was time for a fresh start. The owner and [chief executive] Katrien [Meire] saw that and all credit to them for that. There needed to be change.’

Russell, mate, you are our seventh fresh start in 3 years since these stupid people sacked an excellent manager and dismantled an experienced, capable team. Do not, under any circumstances, give them any credit.

You might want to read this email I received yesterday from a fellow season ticket holder, who has sat with me for 40 years , but has decided not to renew his & his wife’s season ticket. He is one of 5 of our Group of 10 , who after 30-50 years have decided to stop coming. It makes me sad and angry.

”It is getting really dire.We have all supported the Club, which has generally had mediocrity running through it for our 50 plus years 

In those times when we underperformed as a team, we still all pulled together because there was a common cause and a united  belief that we could improve, grow and re-scale the league ladder.No longer. The Owner and CEO have alienated the vast bulk of all stakeholders let alone the supporters. Their goals are unclear – but certainly flawed – and their mismanagement of every aspect of Club business and conduct is driving people away. Some for good, no doubt.The home match-day experience is no longer enjoyable.  Much like the protests.Something significant needs has to change, very soon – as there is not much left to dwindle away.”

Understandably some supporters are fed up with the negativity around the club and I get the odd email telling me to stop moaning.

But the poor treatment of fans and mismanagement of the club is not a trivial issue. It is disgraceful and it breeds real visceral anger, even from old mellow softies like me, which Russell needs to understand.

Success on the pitch will be very welcome and we will all hope and shout for that, but the best present for the supporters would be a new CEO and Owner as soon as possible.



4 thoughts on “Russell,Russell,Russell!

  1. As far as I’m concerned, the main question to ask oneself is: Am I more interested in getting rid of the owner or in backing the new manager and team in their efforts to gain promotion? I was one of the few at the friendly against RKC Waalwijk, and looking round the almost empty terraces I couldn’t help wondering what a dampening effect the fans’ stay-away tactics would be likely to have on the team, the manager and perhaps on future recruitment. How can Slade make stirring speeches about making the Valley a “fortress” without risking sounding ridiculous if the fans simply won’t turn up?

    • Stan your point is well made and I will be there with you but there are so many disaffected fans who have just had enough of the CEO and owner and can’t see how it is possible to really progress with no proper vision or articulated ambition for the club. As Russell slade today revealed the injured players had no medical support over the summer and noone had even told the players when to return after their summer break- you really couldn’t make it up.

  2. Anyone who knows me would be very worried if I said I didn’t know what to say,they would probably dial 999,the points above are hard to disagree with,
    we are about to find ourselves in a “odd
    bedfellows” situation,two very impressive
    signings in Rudd and Pierce this week,as fans we seem to be getting some of what we are asking for,those signings would have impressed in the Champioship,,look
    all I want is a winning team with players proud to wear the shirt,I want to look at the league tables over and over again seeing us at the top,I want to read my program on the train and get nice comments,I want to have to take Charlton tax disc holder out of my windscreen to avoid vandalism instead of leaving it there and getting messages of sympathy,I want to beat Millwall I want to enjoy the football league show,I want lay down think I need a tablet…….

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