Best Wishes & Thanks to Richard Murray

I was very sorry to read the news about Richard Murray’s ill health . As I have mentioned on a number of occasions on here, in my 50 years of watching Charlton, he is really the only Chairman to have delivered us a consistently successful team.

Our 2 promotions to the Premier League were delivered under his Chairmanship and we had the joy and privilege of watching 11 or more international players in a Charlton team, playing at the highest level in English Football  – who would have ever thought that ?

I think that as a Chairman, and I have done it myself, there is a danger of staying too long in the role and a shake up in the Charlton Board Room now would be a good thing, particularly if it resulted in the appointment of a new CEO who knows how to run a business.

As an aside, If I was the CEO and I had just lost 4,000 paying season ticket customers, rather than inventing vacuous new forums and pretending to interact with supporters, I would be focussed on phoning every single lost customer individually, as well as calling as many as possible myself.  Two decent call centre people for a month would cost c £3k ( one weeks wages for Josh Magennis)  and could contact about 1200-1500 ex customers in a month. I’m not saying they will all renew and that some won’t be abusive !, but its the right thing to do and sometimes in business thats just what you need to do. As everyone in business knows, its a lot easier keeping existing customers than finding new ones. To give but one example, I failed to renew my car park pass and one of my 3 season tickets. Thats £1200 of revenue and noone from the club has bothered to call me to ask why or persuade me to renew either. Its just basic common sense, isn’t it ?  

Anyway, rant over, back to Richard who is a true Charlton fan , he goes to support the team every week and he has ploughed lots of his hard earned into the club with little or no return. Thank you Richard for the Premiership, the Wembley Play Off and the best Charlton team I have ever seen. I wish you a speedy recovery and a quick return to the Valley, and if you don’t fancy the Directors box, come over and sit with us in the East Stand – the language is quite restrained and we have a laugh !!!!

5 thoughts on “Best Wishes & Thanks to Richard Murray

  1. I was contacted ( 3 times !) to ask if the changes made by the club would entice me into purchasing my ST again.
    I’ve had one for 20 years and even though it was a massive wrench to let go, I have to say I did appreciate the opportunity to say (each time) that until KM / RD are history the club can wave goodbye to me paying up front.

    I know of many other people who also received calls.
    Maybe you were much better than me at hiding your contact details?

    • Marco
      They’ve definitely got my details , but no call was forthcoming . I guess the fact that you were called 3 times shows the lack of a proper professional campaign. Obviously , I understand your response to them and there would have been many more like you , but its still the right thing to do and there are many offers/techniques they could have tried to change at least a few minds.Ultimately , if none changed their mind , it would still have been the right thing to do because it shows( at least at some level) a degree of care/interest in disaffected customers , cheers Albury

  2. On a humanitarian basis I would like to wish Richard Murray a speedy recovery and thanks for all the hard work that he undertook at the club during the early part of his tenure (except for bringing in the ridiculous Iain Dowie which was the start of the club’s downfall…).

    However, he has diminished his standing with most of the club’s supporters by remaining on the Board of three as Chairman and thus showing ongoing support to Duchatelet and his ‘mini-me’ CEO. Murray obviously has his own personal reasons for taking that position and he will have to live with his conscience knowing that he has supported such an awful regime that has seen the club in freefall over the last 30 months.
    It was sensible to join the new Board when Duchatalet bought the club as obviously he had no idea of the Charlton ‘ethos’ (and still doesn’t….!), however Murray should have stood down when Sir Chris was booted out.

    The regime has destroyed the careers and job prospects of so many members of the club staff over that period – and has managed to alienate at the very minimum 50% of the club’s support base to the degree that so many season ticket holders have not renewed for this season and many once die-hard fans are unlikely to even watch the occasional game at the Valley until this disreputable regime have sold up and returned to Belgium.

    Richard, I sincerely wish you a speedy return to good health – but as far as your last period as Chairman goes I bet you find it hard to look at yourself in the mirror…

  3. I share the sentiment towards Richard Murray he is Charlton through and through,I think its a shame that his time at the Valley could be remembered by some as the man who supported the hated regime,when as you say under his
    Chairmanship we possibly had our most
    successful era,good luck to him and hope he makes a full recovery,what better tonic for him than the team start to fulfill their potential,as for the other matter,the censorship issue,as is common with tact less people they tried to use a sledge hammer when a toffee hammer would have done,it should have gone like this,!!we are fully aware of your resentment of the way the club is being run,we also accept that you have every right to your stated views,but you must understand that personal insults and profanities are not acceptable” carry on protesting. Or is that approach outdated now

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