Target 20k a big success

There can be no doubt that having achieved season ticket sales of c6,500 this year that Target 20k has pretty much achieved its goal of having lost, alienated and disaffected around 20,000 fans

As we speak , Katrien and her fabled SMT team are working closely with a tiny quisling band of helpers to see if they can target 25k next year so that we will only have c 1,500 season ticket holders .The signs are promising.

Honestly, I guess there must be some members of this target 20k focus group who actually think they are doing something useful by collaborating with the ownership, but it is not helpful at all. The owner couldn’t care less , the CEO can’t tie her own shoelaces without help, the meetings are subject to some kind of ridiculous masonic level of secrecy  – the club cannot progress in any shape or form until the owner and his useless bunch of puppets and sycophants are gone.

Any kind of support to the current regime is pointless and misguided.

We will only make progress when we are rid of them.


3 thoughts on “Target 20k a big success

  1. This nasty post really distresses me.
    It is obvious that Roland has made some mistakes but he appears to be trying to correct them.
    He has also been our financial saviour.
    This. Kind of negative thinking leads to division and disaster.
    It is simply not true that Roland has caused the drop in attendances.
    That started when we were relegated from the Premier League and has continued exponentially.

    Warwick Heal

    • Unfortunately Warwick your assertion is just not true, if you take the time to read Charlton life or engage in any way with social media you will see that there are hundreds if not thousands who don’t go any more because of the regime. In my band of friends, 5 dropped out this year after 20-40 year season tickets – and not because of relegation but because of the lack of vision/ambition and sensible actions or communication from katrien and co

    • Also by the way, whilst it’s fantastic that you as a New Zealand barrister choose to support Charlton and engage in the debate from New Zealand , it is a little surprising. Tell me Warwick what is your connection with the club ?

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