Don’t blame the manager

I keep on reading that our squad is good enough for Top 6 in this divsion . We will all have our different views on this but I am firmly in the camp that our playing squad was never going to be good enough for anything better than a mid table or relegation battle in this division. You have to look at the players that form our midfield and attack. JJ, Crofts and Foley are all at the end of their careers. Ulverstadt arrived 5 mins before the season started , has virtually no English league experience, think Ba , Ceballos etc. Magennis is OK but let’s face it he was playing for Kilmarnock , Ajose had one good season at Swindon, Novak was available on a free. Our 2 best players , Lookman is 18 years old and Holmes was playing in League 2 last year.

My biggest criticism of Slade would be that he seems to think it’s about commitment and ‘ choices in the final 3rd’ when it’s really about lack of quality on the pitch – but I guess he can’t say that.

I don’t think Mourinho would be getting results with these players. Anyway we can’t change much before January. It looks like being a very long and bleak Autumn. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are bottom at Xmas.

Player recruitment has been a complete shambles since Roland and his cronies arrived. They lurch from one half arsed strategy to another.

The problem is exacerbated because neither the owner or the chief executive know anything about football and so in the land of the completely blind the one eyed Thomas Dreisen is king.

Heaven only knows when the pain will end. A new manager will make no difference at all.


2 thoughts on “Don’t blame the manager

  1. While i agree with you to some extent regarding the manager and the hand he has been dealt. one does have to question his tactics and the use and non use of players, in particular Botaka, who doesn’t get a look in, other than brief cameos and those decisions are entirely Slades and not the regimes.

    I’m not suggesting for one minute that Botaka is the solution but when Slade seems to have used every other permutation and failed. i find it hard to understand his unwillingness to give the player a run in the side, other than the fact he’s either stubborn and blinkered or got a beef with the player and that isn’t a good sign, re a managers worth/quality!

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