CARD should be applauded

All the people I know who have decided not to come to Charlton this season are doing it because they can’t stand the current owner and CEO. The reason that they take this view is because of the lack of any vision, ambition for the club or indeed understanding of the fanbase.

It is not because of any of the activities of CARD, who I believe they generally support. There seems to be a view, notably taken by Michael Tucker, who posts under Vital Charlton that CARD are part of the problem rather than the solution.

Yesterdays protest was non violent, received huge sympathetic media coverage and the analogy of the flying pigs was suitably intelligent.

Sensing that they have been comprehensively out thought by CARD, the Supporters Trust and every other sensible respresentative fan body, the club has employed a PR company to respond to the barrage of criticism. I suspect that a fair amount of the social media which purport to oppose CARD are actually from imaginary people.

Anyway, whether CARD is likely to achieve its objectives is open to debate, but I applaud them for trying.

We currently sit 15th in the 3rd division of English Football, we have an owner who has attended one game in 4 Years and a CEO who thinks that the club should promote its image by featuring a couple engaging in copulation on the centre circle.

Criticism of CARD is ridiculous by comparison.

5 thoughts on “CARD should be applauded

  1. The one concrete argument the CARD naysayers have is that unrest among the support can have a negative reaction on the pitch.
    We lost against Burnley and Brighton when many CAFC supporters were voicing their opinions against our inept custodians but did anyone seriously think we were likely to beat teams looking for promotion at the business end of the season?
    Those 2 results aside, the team have in my opinion over performed when protests are in full flow.

    Comments by Chris Solly, joking that we should bring pigs to every game, show the team aren’t fussed.
    If they were, surely the team would collapse everytime they visit a noisy away ground?
    (Actually, this might be a poor argument….!)

    The anti CARD (made up?) people are all for us just settling down and accepting what’s going on. Unfortunately, thousands of people are not willing to do this.
    I understand that just because you follow the same football team, it doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything else but in this situation I really have met very few people who aren’t annoyed by the current regime and wish for change.

    I too would like to echo your words and say Well Done to CARD.

  2. Just a bunch of sad Rick Everitt puppets with no clue about what goes on in the real world who make a bad atmosphere even worse.

  3. I haven’t been a season ticket holder for many years due to the distance I now live from my beloved Valley – but I did get to one game a month (home or away) until recently. After nearly three years of the regime and the chaos on the pitch that this has brought about, selling off our best players for no good reason – other than cashing in on them – seeing the dross brought in by that 20-something long haired Belgian twit who Duchatelet relies on as a “professional” scout but who in reality sits behind a laptop assessing their work-rate rather than how they actually play and relying too much on the Academy players and watching the fruits of the Regime’s work ending in relegation last season I have had enough and refuse to attend any more home games as long as the regime remains in situ.

    The frustration of those still brave enough to attend to watch Russell Slade’s threadbare squad that was cobbled together largely just before the transfer deadline – because M/s Nightmeire didn’t have any plans to recruit an obvious gap in her management team as soon as last season ended – is purely that, frustration. This Regime is taking the club nowhere…. alright then, perhaps one direction, down another division if they are not careful. They have proven to be inept and couldn’t run a whelk stall, let alone a professional football club. Just how Duchatelet made his millions is beyond me – he shows all the management skills of an amoeba.
    Just what are the fans supposed to do? Singing “We want Roland Out” isn’t going to achieve much on its own. The Regime have to be ridiculed and shown up for what they really are – total incompetents. I listened to commentary from the Valley and watched Sky tv yesterday – the latter announced the Pig Protest as soon as it happened and gave a brief description of the reasons for the protest. THAT is the sort of publicity, allied to today’s press reports – which I understand led to an article in Germany’s leading newspaper – it all adds pressure onto the Regime.
    Things won’t improve until they sell up and go back to Belgium (though God knows who they would sell the club to, we’ll just have to cross that bridge when the time comes – although one prays that Peter Varney and some of the syndicates that showed interest earlier this year may still be around…). I would rather see some plastic pigs and stress balls flood onto the pitch for a few minutes than see a few thousand fans sitting in the stadium doing diddley-squat.

    Sorry to have to disagree with Steve (above), but from what I’ve heard and been told by those who have visited the Valley there is hardly any atmosphere at home games this season… so, what is there to lose? OK, if the EFL threaten disciplinary action against the club then a re-think will be needed. But until that time comes anything short of physical violence that brings the situation at our club into the public domain is fair game as far as I’m concerned. CARD have done a good job in co-ordinating the protests – as far as I’m concerned they should continue their work.
    The supporters are fighting for the very survival of our club. I’d rather fight than see apologists for the Regime sit silently in the stadium shaking their heads sadly at yet another inept performance on the pitch as the club sinks slowly towards division 2…. and from there it’s merely one small mis-hap down to non-league football.

  4. I am one that isn’t attending games because of the owner, however CARD are showing why us Charlton fans are some of the best around, we won our ground back all those years ago and we will do it again to win our club back. I will be back as a season ticket holder when The RAT is gone.

  5. I am in the option of tom I have been a season ticket holder for a number of years I will not renew until that mob in charge have left soon has they have. Gone I will be back like thousand of others keep up the good work card

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