6 simple questions that Jim White should have asked Katrien

  1. when you arrived – why did you immediately sell the 4 best players ?
  2. why did you commission a video portraying a couple having sex on the pitch to promote the club ?
  3. since you are the CEO and you have hired and fired 7 managers in the last 2 .5 years , don’t you think that you have done a poor job and should resign ?
  4. why have you not resigned when the majority of your customers do not want you in charge of the club ?
  5. Having lost over 40% of the season ticket holders and alienated the overwhelming majority of the rest of the fans – don’t you think it is time to step down ?
  6. The fans believe that if you resign, many stay away fans would return – would you resign for the good of the football club ?

3 thoughts on “6 simple questions that Jim White should have asked Katrien

  1. Yew very good questions but what is happening to CAFC.
    Yes these simple quiestions, but they don’t answer even simple ones, let alone the more difficult ones.
    Please flaming well leave. We all hate you

  2. Another question is why do you continue to use Dreison as a scout who has no footballing experience or qualifications and brought in the mediocre players while CP was still Manager and said that key players of ours at that time should be sold because they weren’t good enough?

  3. Why say you did not state you were not interested in the history of the club. You said it, admit it!
    The owner has loaned money to the club and will want it back but has by that action made the club too expensive for potential investors/partners.
    Why have potential investors not been given the courtesy of an audience to listen to their proposals, they may benefit the club!
    Why trust an inexperienced ‘scout’ over solid experienced loyal staff (some who have left in despair of what is being done to our club).
    Why are you still here. Your record is of failure in every aspect of the role you have been given.

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