Effective crowd control

I remember going to Chesterfield in 1975 to see us crown our promotion season from division 3. Because we are Charlton, the players decided to lose 3-0 instead, which prompted a degree of emotional alcohol fuelled aggression from the Charlton faithful and involved a futile attempt to invade the pitch and run the whole length of the ground to get at the bemused Chesterfield fans.- Aahhh- Those were the days –  you have to go to West Ham now for that sort of fun.

The fun and games continued after the game in an attempt to find anyone in chesterfield who,wasn’t on their way to the post office to post a letter or attend their aunties 80th birthday party, the Charlton crew were relentless in their mission to find someone willing to have a punch up.

Anyway, the frustrated police dog handler let his Alsatian go, which created blind panic amongst the tough boys. We all scattered, you don’t fancy yourself against an Alsatian do you ? No more trouble after that.

What happened to police dogs, send a few dozen of those to the Olympic Stadium and that will be the end of that ?


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