Why is Katrien Meire still CEO at Charlton ?

I think I differ from some supporters in that I’m really not that bothered if a very strange old man from Belgium wants to waste £5-7m of his money every year funding an institution that he never visits,  has no understanding about , affinity or connection with. Granted, its an unbelievably weird thing for any vaguely sane person to do.

What I really don’t understand is why any successful entrepreneur would appoint Katrien Meire to run the club when she had no experience of running a football club, no experience of running a business and no understanding of football. In his place, if I had been sifting suitable cv’s, Ms Meire’s would have gone straight to the bottom of the reject pile.

As if to reinforce and compound this glaring lack of credentials, she has gone onto wreck the club, halving revenues, signed innumerable unsuitable players on long term contracts ,driven away corporate sponsors and countless numbers of the club’s loyal customers and destroyed business value.In any normal business, the CEO would have either resigned or been fired given the abject failure.

You really have to ask why she was appointed in the first place and indeed why is she still employed ? It is difficult to escape the conclusion that it was not a rational business decision and continues to be influenced by some other personal agenda, which we can only speculate about.

One thought on “Why is Katrien Meire still CEO at Charlton ?

  1. It’s all part of a cunning plan to run the club down and build on the Valley. I’ve wracked my brain for an answer and that’s the only scenario that makes any sense. The regime is simply killing our club….

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