Charlton under Duchatelet & Meire heading for Non League Football

Some people will think I have gone mad , but the guys (and there were a lot) who backed us for relegation this season will be smirking. We are in perfect storm territory again.

The team is underperforming woefully with no midfield and has just lost two of its three best players to injury. We have no manager because our (completely and utterly mad) owner sacked him because he was upset that his birthday lunch was spoiled by disaffected fans. Any manager that arrives will be inhibited by existing long term contracts for poor or disaffected players and will struggle because of budgetary restraints and an array of weird and wonderful network scouts from  getting decent replacements. Its just like the last Championship season all over again , except we are 3 points off the automatic relegation places in the 3rd division. It is highly likely that the club will exacerbate the position in January by selling Lookman and replacing him with a plethora of lightweight unfit or useless loan players.

Lets hope I am wrong but consider that the unthinkable but highly likely happens and the Belgians lead us into the 4th division for the first time in our 110 year history.  Next year we have a complete defensive unit who will need to be changed because they will either return to home clubs (Rudd , Ulvestadt and Botaka) or they will consider that League 2 is below them – Solly, Fox, Bauer, Pearce , Konza, Texeira, then the midfield & forwards  are either too old – Jackson, Foley, Crofts, Novak – or too good , (Holmes & Magennis)

So next year we need a completely new team plus some of the under 23’s and we know how the cycle works then – we are all ( those few of us who are left) excited in the early season days of Division 4 that we are playing nice football and getting some results – but the squad ( a Top 6 budget hamstrung by the highly paid ones from last year that none wants) is very thin and we run out of legs by December 17 and the team goes on a bad run( like this year , last year and the year before) . Attendances slip to under 3,000 and 2 sides of the ground are mothballed.

Clueless Katrien and Mad Roland decide to sack the underperforming manager and install a new manager who struggles to motivate a ragbag group of kids and old professionals and by March 2018 we slip into the automatic relegation places for the Conference.

All this might seem a little far fetched , but it isn’t. I went to Woking last year when they played Tranmere and I stood with the Tranmere fans, one of whom talked me through their rapid descent from League 1 play offs and Carling Cup Semi Finals to Non League.

It is all entirely plausible and the Tranmere fans were actually quite complimentary about their owners. Whereas we have a CEO whose most insightful football comment during her tenure has been expressing her disappointment about Diego Poyet cutting his hair whilst our geriatric owner continually reasserts that frankly its such a small part of his empire he really couldn’t care less – oh and by the way- I’m really pissed off that those irritating Charlton fans spoiled my birthday lunch so I’m going to sack their English manager – that will show them whose club it is ……..

You really couldn’t imagine these things happening could you ?










3 thoughts on “Charlton under Duchatelet & Meire heading for Non League Football

  1. Could be Frank…anythings possible with this regime. Here’s my prediction after looking into the murky crystal ball that is Charlton’s future. The regime’s master plan is Network O’Loughlin. They keep Nugent for a while so Network gets to learn the ropes then Nugent is “let go” so he can rejoin Slade in his new club. Saves money. Simples.

  2. It is becoming clear that Duchalet is in fact a Palace fan and is putting his plan of dissolving Charlton into practice.
    As you say, at Tranmere it was accidental. Here it must be deliberate. No one can do this much destruction by accident!

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