A nice day at the football

Pre match in xbars was a competition to see which one of us was the most depressed and disinterested. A feeling not helped by the removal of 1664 from the lager tap ( the only one that has any taste). No pies any longer at the food stall, the whole place limps in increasing decline. All activities at Charlton are now outsourced to Roland’s new sponsor ” Death by a thousand cuts”

Anyway, it was nice to see my mates and my son also joined us for a rare father son bonding experience. The football, played in front of a crowd slightly larger than the queue for sausage rolls at Greggs , was really rather good , exciting if you please.

We played some nice stuff, 2 great assists from Morgan Fox , a fabulous header from Magennis and a decent finish from Nicky Ajose. It was all rather fun. The second half was not so good as we did what we often do and retreated 10 yards , surrendered the midfield and watched the opposition play- just like Rochdale, Oldham etc , etc.

Anyway we won which was great and made for a lovely Saturday night afterglow and nice if blowy drive home to rainy Surrey. I felt pretty chilled because the entire row in front of us in the East Stand who normally provide a human shield was empty- as was the row behind us except my son- providing the effect of a Siberian wind tunnel sandwich.

More unintended consequences of Rolands loonies may be the necessity to invest in some thermal undewear to keep my Crown Jewels at the right temperature.

Any non readers of the Sunday Times would have missed Rod Liddle’s descriptions of the Charlton Regime today – ” the club show every indication of being administered by the inmates of a mental institution” – spot on Rod

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