Heres to you Mr Robinson

Welcome to Karl Robinson. Karl has signed up to work for the maddest owner in English football and the most incompetent CEO.

He is the 8th or 9th manager to sign up to work for the deadly duo in the last 3 years. If you totalled up the various contract lengths of his predecessors, it would have taken us well beyond Roland’s 85th birthday,so perhaps he decided he couldn’t wait that long.  Karl was out of work so you can’t blame him for wanting to get paid again. His record at MK Dons was reasonable and he speaks knowledgeably about the game, so let us all hope that he is successful and above all lucky.

History would suggest that by the start of next season we will be welcoming Charlton’s next and 10th manager.

Karl will get some breathing space from the fans and the atmosphere at Charlton will lift if the excellent recent mini revival continues.

However,there will be no real improvement or proper change at the club until the CEO and owner do the honourable and decent thing and recognise that the Charlton community do not want either of them – and ultimately these people have borrowed the club, it is the community who own the club, not them. The day that either and preferably both of them leave will be a cause for great celebration.

Meanwhile, we all wish Karl the very best of luck.

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