Charlton United

Perhaps it’s because I’m a sensitive soul but the absolute worst outcome from our mad owner and his useless sidekick has been the degree of division it has caused amongst the fanbase. If I had to choose  one outcome between continuing the protests or stopping so that the fans come together as one tribe again (as we should )I would choose the one tribe option every time.

Social media is horrible in the degree to which Charlton supporters are prepared to abuse each other. It’s a complete nonsense- heaven knows there are few enough of us without continually upsetting each other.

I am a supporter of CARD and I applaud the efforts of all those who have contributed.

However, I think we should stop protesting for a while, let Robinson get on with it. Unless Meire or Duchatelet do something stupid (which admittedly is highly likely)- we should all concentrate on trying to get promoted. We can only hope that our network of twenty year old Belgian scouts who watch games on tv in their pants have already identified 3 new midfielders for the January window. It’s a very poor division and it wouldn’t take much to go up this year.

My wish for Christmas would be for Charlton fans to be united again.

6 thoughts on “Charlton United

  1. Hi Albury did a reply to Chicago expressing the same sentiments,I actually believe the protests have changed things,I would hate to see passionate supporters muzzling their joy at a goal or a win through fear of upsetting the protest group,have been reading what Karl has to say and he seems very passionate about the job. The big test will come in January,i.e.Lookman and the strengthening of the centre of midfield.You cant blame a league on club raking in 10M for a player it doesn’t happen that often,but at the end of the season. Even, a club as big as Southampton,you know,the one we used to be bigger than a few years ago,you know when it wasn’t a shock if we beat Man City, anyway I digress,even they could not avoid a mass defection to Liverpool,who themselves couldn’t hang on to Suarez.I would hate to get to the end of the season and miss out over a points deduction,so I say support Karl and keep fingers crossed.

  2. Agree Tom. Hopefully any deal in January for Lookman will involve a loan back until the end of the season. We don’t know for sure but I really don’t see Karl Robinson as the type who would be told what to say to the media, he seems like his own man. Whilst I admire CARD’s efforts and intentions, isn’t throwing stuff on the pitch at kick off a bit ‘old hat’ now, is it having any impact? If we get to May and:Robinson has been sacked, Thomas Driesen has been installed as Head Coach, we have been relegated, all our best players sold and Katrien still there, then by all means let the protests begin.. RD is not going anywhere in the next 6 months.

    • Spot on tex I think one of the problems is what generation you come from I remember that day in the eighties when we were just 5 minutes from extinction,Mark Hulyer the then Chairman was totally committed to Charlton but the way the club was being run nearly finished us off, but I find it hard to believe there is anyone out there willing to buy the club,settle Rolands cash input then finance an assault to the Premiership we have had so many false dawns and periods of financial uncertainty,as you say throwing stuff on the pitch is not the answer,but not too sure what is,merry Christmas.

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