Karl- you need to understand something

When you have been going every week for 50 years and you have endured low crowds, relegations, disappointments galore and for the first time in your life you actually loathe, detest and distrust the owners of your football club to the extent that you couldn’t really care less what the result is or whether your team score or who scores – then you know that something is seriously wrong.

Karl – mate- that’s how thousands of us feel – its not just me -or tens – or hundreds, its thousands.

We all wish you luck and those few of us who can still bear to attend matches will support you and the team – we will cheer as much as we feel able. Results are massively important and if we get good ones, that will help, but the extent of the damage done to the Charlton fanbase is enormous and probably irreversible.

The only solution is new owners not a new manager.


10 thoughts on “Karl- you need to understand something

  1. I note that Karl Robinson wants to meet some supporters in a local pub for a pie and a pint.
    It’s important that a small number of real fans meet with him who have the insight into what is going on at the Valley and how it is the regime that is destroying our club.
    Might I suggest that the six or so regular Bloggers (ie Albury Addick, Kyle, Chicago Addick (long way to come for a pint though…!) etc) plus a representative or two from CARD attend on behalf of ALL Charlton supporters to let Karl know the real world down at the Valley rather than the skewed story no doubt given to him by Meire?
    Now that would be progress….. if for nothing else just to give Karl the other side of the story and to let him know (….if he hasn’t already sussed it!) just what a basket case of a club he’s joined. He could also do worse than to spend an hour listening to the two excellent podcasts giving the history of why the club is where it is today… and just what a lunatic Duchatalet really is.

  2. Karl may well like to meet with some of the fans BUT that is meaningless if he is gone in 16 games. He may manager the club but managers come and go easily at CAFC.

  3. I don’t doubt that Duchatelet is a bit of a lunatic and that Meire is extremely foolish in the ways of football. However, that doesn’t matter to me anything like as much as it does to many fans. I’m more impressed by the fact that the owner has: a) invested a lot of money in the pitch and the squad; and b) shown signs of having to some extent realised the error of his ways. I find the continued protests tiresome and unproductive. I find Karl Robinson’s optimism and positivity very refreshing and hope it prevails in any meeting you have with him over your negativity. Hope that doesn’t sound offensive.

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