Different Manager- same players

Another awful performance today, swamped in midfield as usual and ineffective up front. I can’t see what difference any manager will make by shuffling the same unbalanced pack of players. You have to laugh when Karl Robinson says that he has found it more difficult than he expected to find a winning formula. He could have asked any of us that have had to sit through lots of awful performances – the most astonishing of which was when we made Oldham look like Barcelona at The Valley.

We need energy, creativity and possession in midfield and a striker (unfortunately not Ajose) who knows how to score goals and create havoc. We are too lightweight up front. Botaka is a luxury player. We need at least 4 new players in the middle and up front.

Defensively we are OKish , although I feel for Morgan Fox. I think jeering your own players is bonkers and I never do it. Nevertheless the guy needs a rest from the first team. Successive managers have kept faith with him but it’s not working. Hopefully he will come back stronger.

The best bit of the day was after the game in Crosssbars when I was sitting next to a group of older guys in their 60’s . One bloke said ohh I bet Robinsons got them in there now giving them the hairdryer treatment – what do you reckon Harry –

Harry says ‘yes I can see him now, he’ll be in there saying ok lads now that’s over, hands up those who want a curry and now hands up who wants a Chinese’

That was my only highlight of the afternoon .


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