Albury family trip to Milton Keynes

Heaven knows why, but wifey decided that a Boxing Day trip to Milton Keynes would be an excellent opportunity for family bonding. This was her second away game in 35 years ,the last one being the day Bob Bolder single handedly secured a 0-0 draw for us at Old Trafford, somehow saving at least 10 certain goals. She was disappointed to learn that Bob wouldn’t be playing in goal at MK Dons, a team who had actually been invented since the last time she attended an away fixture.

In truth our visit to Milton Keynes was spent mostly on the M25 , particularly on the journey from Surrey, which lasted 2.5 hours and was a nightmare.Nevertheless we arrived just in time for a family feast of tepid meat pies.

The game was awful – MK should have been a couple of goals up in the first quarter. After that I think there was only one shot on target from anyone and that was the goal from our Ademola after a wonderful pass from Crofts .In the 2nd half we played a kind of passing game that Mr Robinson is known for. There are some tactical things that I just don’t understand – why is Ajose playing so deep ? He isn’t a midfield player or a winger or a wing back, at one point yesterday he was playing behind Fox. Secondly, I don’t understand why Konsa is playing at right back. He is an excellent player and will be a brilliant centre half, but he gets caught out too often , whereas Foley is a steady experienced right back, who should be playing.Finally, why on earth is Roger Johnson even on the bench. He spent about 3 minutes on the pitch yesterday and was lucky not to concede a penalty. Aside from his well publicised unpopularity with the fans, Harry Lennon or indeed Konsa (if Foley is playing) are better options for the future.

Anyway, who cares, we won, we won , we won. The trip home was dreamily easy and the whole family took part in the annual flip the paper fish up the hall after 6 pints and name the unusual dog picture Boxing Day games in the rare state of collective Charlton victory euphoria. That’s a feeling we’d like to get used to.

3 thoughts on “Albury family trip to Milton Keynes

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  2. Actually…. I remember an away game in Carlisle maybe 31 years ago?! (The nearest I’ve ever been to the Lake District!) MT & I returned to London on BR overnight in time to meet the vicar next morning and u almost got into a fight on the platform after u made sure we got on the train!!

    Happy New Year, Love to all Fran xxx Sent from my iPhone


    • Fran
      Actually, if I remember correctly you girls didn’t actually make it to the match !
      I cant believe the delights of Carlisle shopping were that alluring , but there you are.
      Happy New Year to you guys

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