Is Duchatelet an asset stripper ?

Rod Liddle has written an interesting article in The Times today , titled ‘Why would intelligent businessman lose the plot at The Valley’

The article questions why anyone sensible would buy a football club, but also suggests that in Duchatelet’s case the startling ineptitude of his ownership and management team that has driven away more than 50% of the fanbase belies a more sinister objective which is the potential to redevelop The Valley for housing and move the club from its historic home.

To quote’ The continuing existence of Charlton is fraught and in the hands of people who have no sense of community history which attends to every side, from Chelsea down to Newport County. ‘

Sorry to start the year on a downer and let us all hope that there are no long term plans to leave The Valley, but it is certainly difficult to rationalise why an ( apparently) sane and successful businessman would buy Charlton and then appoint incompetent managers (Katrien), resulting in an inevitable erosion of value without some alternative plan on the horizon.

Let us all hope for some relief from the continuing decline of our  football club in 2017

Happy New Year to those who take time to read my rambles , thank you for that and your comments- Good Health and Happiness to you and your families . 



2 thoughts on “Is Duchatelet an asset stripper ?

  1. Hi Jimbo,

    Happy New year and all that jazz

    Are you going to either the Millwall or Scunthorpe home games. ??


  2. Its an interesting thought but to me its too convoluted a theory,I am no businessman,just ask my accountant,but more likely a “loss leader” if he wanted to run the club down why not just keep any of the hapless managers of recent times,I would certainly not have appointed someone with the enthusiasm of Karl Robinson,I actually believe,leaving the hierarchy out of this ,with a bit of luck and less injuries we could be in the top 6 at the moment,Lookman when has a league 1 club been able to turn down 10M,even Premier league clubs sell when the price is right, in my opinion having supported this club since 1961,long after I am gone and the club is owned by the supporters this time will be looked back on as a strange era.I think during our Premier league years,when ,I have to say there also was a lot of discontent with the board,obviously not on the current scale some of the same fears were expressed
    Its a hard one,but I like to think that they just don’t know how to run a football club.
    Happy new year to all things Charlton.

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