Legs in the middle

What a pleasure it was to watch the 2nd half yesterday. It felt like the first time in years that we were an irresistible force going forward, Magennis’s finish for his hatrick was reminiscent of the Shaun Bartlett strike against Leicester.

I often feel that football managers over complicate the game. Essentially they just have to pick the best players, motivate them and choose a system ( 442 etc). Although Karl needs credit for playing Aribo and Konsa in midfield yesterday, it has been absolutely obvious to the fans that the biggest problem with the team was a lack of energy and legs in the middle of the park. If Slade had addressed this issue by playing a box to box youngster – Any of Aribo, Konsa or Charles -Cook earlier we would have had more points by now.

Konza and Aribo were outstanding yesterday because they had all the energy and passion of youth.

Anyway, it felt like we might have turned a corner yesterday- it was great to see the joy and pleasure in the crowd after months of misery.

Apart from Millwall at home ( obviously) I would be cautiously optimistic for the rest of the season.

2 thoughts on “Legs in the middle

  1. Its a dilemma really as we are starting to look like a decent side,whether its come too late will have to be seen,and with our next games against tough opposition we might learn more,but we are all aware that this can easily be under mined by
    Roly and cat,we have to stick by the manager 15 games and out is not the way to do it,just a few years ago Burnley were one game away from going out of the league that’s the sort of path we should follow,look where they are now,Robinson seems very enthusiastic just hope they give him time,who knows—

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