Calling all Charlton supporters

We all know that our owner is a silly old fool and we all know that our CEO is a clueless incompetent. They have both demonstrated that on numerous occasions.

But tomorrow we are going to beat Millwall after 20 years of misery , you need to forget our idiot ownership and you need to be there to see it.

Boycotters , the disaffected, the lapsed, the disinterested, the driven away, the disappointed.

Tomorrow is the day to reaffirm who you support.

We will win

8 thoughts on “Calling all Charlton supporters

  1. Not a chance I’m afraid, past caring, after missing just 6 games in 46 years as a season ticket holder, I would t set foot back there if it were free, that’s how bad the feeling is, they don’t care a jot for us so it’s feelings mutual, there should be zero supporters in the ground, they may then get the message into their ignorant arrogant heads.

  2. My affection for Charlton will never die after 40 years of support and I’m with the manager and the team 100% ! Alas, I cannot bring myself to attend, I find it far too sad and depressing. My poor old Granddad will be turning in his grave, he was with me at my first game in 1977. I can’t do it, as much as I love my club.

  3. Well said.
    The truth is that from my perspective as a supporter 12.000 miles away. Roland is doing all that we can ask of an owner – he is putting his hand in his pocket and keeping the ship afloat. We should be willing to accommodate his foibles,
    Go you reds, Warwic Heal

    • Warwick thanks for your comment but it’s not quite where I’m coming from , Roland is an idiot and he’s not welcome – we need an owner with a feasible plan and ambition to get to the Prem . Roland has neither and we won’t progress until he leaves.

  4. Agreed – 21 years of hurt ends today – only thing that matters at 3pm is KR and the 11 he puts out in red shirts. I’ll be behind them 110% hope everyone else is too.
    We’re not only in having an absentee/idiot owner – Orient, Blackburn, Coventry, Blackpool – the list goes on, point is let’s not let the guy ruin the love of our great club, he won’t be around forever and it could actually be worse – forget boycots etc we need to stick it to our friends in Bermondsey today and show we’re bigger than a temporary owner.
    Last point – KR likes to talk which actually I don’t mind especially as he seems to have cast KM into the shadows.

  5. I will be there today,I find it like an incurable illness,I called in to purchase my ticket during the week and there seems to be an air of “Trumpism” (without the sleeve) about the place,there were groups comming and going and I got the feeling they are going to do it their way whatever us (democrats) think,we have a “teflon”ownership and I think its going to be a case of lump it or leave it,I think a new audience is being targeted,we are invited to come along or go,but a win over the local enemy would be a nice winter warmer,happy new year Albury.

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