Roland’s Charlton – Fur coat and no knickers

Yesterdays revelation that Charlton installed the pipework for undersoil pitch heating , but not the necessary boilers to heat the pipes seems to me to be the best analogy for the way that Roland runs the football club.

Roland entire philosophy is based on putting just enough resource into the club to keep it going in a modest way to avoid insolvency, using the CEO to shout about things that sound good , but without ever putting enough resources into the club to achieve success.

The transfer policy is a continual reminder of his strategy – every manager that we have had since they arrived has been starved of enough player resource to achieve any success. I remember the 1-0 away victory achieved at Norwich a couple of seasons ago which was the pinnacle of Bob Peeters reign . It was a fantastic gutsy performance with a deflected skimmer from the skipper, JJ , but it was obvious that our player resources were painfully thin on the ground. Gomez was already being used and we were forced to bring on Karlan Ahearn Grant against a team with innumerable ex Premiership players. Peeters didn’t need much more to be a Top 10 club that season , but the obvious gaps were never filled.

Lets face it, to those of us watching every week, relegation from the Championship was always inevitable under Roland – it was just a matter of when.

The decline is continuing in the 3rd division. Say what you will about Jiminez and Slater , but somehow they persuaded Kevin Cash to put in enough money ( with the astute help of a good manager and a clever CEO) to build a team in one season that was not only good enough to romp away with the Title , but also formed the basis of a Top 6 Championship side. We all know that Roland threw that away by immediately selling our best players , the spine of the team – Hamer , Morrison, Stephens and Kermogant.

The team we have today is not a patch on the side that got promoted last time – we have absolutely no chance of getting promoted this year and worse than that the cycle of decline and ambitionless ownership continues without end.

Robinson has just sold players releasing funds of c £8m and has been allowed to reinvest just a fraction of it in Jake Forster Caskey, a player who was 4th or 5th down the player pecking order at Brighton behind – yes you’ve guessed it- Dale Stephens. The team is woefully short of goal scoring strikers and the injury to Magennis is a huge blow. Robinson has already moved to the mantra used by Riga, Peeters, Luzon, Riga, Fraye, Slade which is we just need to get a couple more in to sort the team out. He has even talked , laughingly, about a ‘marquee signing’ – quite what that means under Roland’s ownership – who knows ?

We are talking about a Euro billionaire owner who holds his 70th birthday celebration lunch in the front window table of what looked like the Belgian equivalent of Nandos. He’s not a bloke who likes spending money , whether its on his own shoes, lunch or a pet football club.

Karl, mate, the players never come, it never happens, not this window, the next window, the last window , the window before that or any other bloody window.

There is no ambition to arrest the decline, to put enough resources into the team to make it successful

Roland’s Charlton is all fur coat and no knickers







5 thoughts on “Roland’s Charlton – Fur coat and no knickers

  1. AA, good points well made, as ever.
    Marquee signing I take to be a large canvas structure to cover the ground with Katrien sitting on a chair underneath spouting lots of hot air, as usual.

  2. Cracking article and a great analogy. Roland’s approach to Charlton is to maintain the club on a subsistence diet. There is zero football ambition.

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