Hope on the horizon

What a fantastic result yesterday – well done to all those involved in the heroic team effort. Most of the time I think Karl Robinson is talking nonsense , but I’m even starting to warm to his post match assessments.

He has been hugely assisted by the emergence of Aribo and Konsa which enables us to play a midfield full of energy which was the biggest problem earlier in the season. Providing the legs and energy around him has given Andrew Crofts the platform to show what an excellent player he is too. Quite what Slade was thinking when we lined up with Jackson, Crofts and Foley earlier in the season will always be a mystery.

Yes there is definitely some hope on the horizon, Forster Caskey gave a MoM performance yesterday , Nathan Byrne provides more pace and Ricky Holmes is due back any moment. The enigmatic Tony Watt seems wedded to the cause, at least for the moment.

Even our incompetent CEO has decided that if she doesn’t say ( or probably do) anything at all that’s what’s best for the club.

Oh and by the way , one for our idiotic owner, the one thing that apparently us stupid fans are allowed to comment on .

The beer and food in Crossbars have both gone downhill, Kronenbourg replaced by crappy Heineken, the food in The ‘ East Stand’ is terrible now – no more decent pies. At the last home game, the server told me that when I wanted a bacon roll , chef had said that she was only allowed to give out 2 ( cold ) rashers of bacon per customer ( perhaps the ovens are connected to the same boilers as the under soil heating) and on a freezing cold day in January, after the game there is no tea and coffee available. Thanks for all your great work in that area.

Despite this, on the pitch there are grounds for optimism at last. Let’s hope the mini revival becomes a full blown dash to the play offs.


3 thoughts on “Hope on the horizon

  1. Albury – I have long given up on catering at the Valley since a) draught beer was removed from the outlets (that was always a test of patience as each pint was slowly drawn pre-match & at half-time instead of having a line of pre-pulled pints ready to hand out during busy periods) and b) Delaware North took over the catering and a dish that should have been heated was served cold in one of the main west stand restaurants and when a complaint was made the supervisor stated that the item was part of a cold buffet …. yes, but one that should have been served heated – you couldn’t make it up!!

    I now enjoy a pre-match pint at a local hostelry and fish n’chips or similar from the chippie in Charlton Church Lane – freshly cooked by people who at least know how to cook…!
    Along with many others when I do make the occasional instead of regular trip to the Valley (3 games so far this season…) I do not spend a penny in the ground (well, I do spend a couple of penny’s to remove the previously enjoyed ale but I’m not, as yet. charged for that privilege!!) as part of my own personal ongoing crusade against the ‘regime’

    • Mark
      Thanks for your comment – I guess we’d be hard pressed to think of an element of the club that hasn’t gone downhill over the last few years!
      Let us hope that a change in results on the pitch will encourage decent new owners to emerge.

  2. Was only thinking the other day the less we hear or our hierarchy the better the team play,but I think the improvement is down to many things,the youngsters see first team opportunities ,and the doors that can open,the older players are being pushed by the youngsters and it all helps to raise the performance,and there is now a healthy Charlton link on the pitch,as for the owners unless you have a spare £75M that’s not going to change.

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