Mission Impossible

Apologies for banging on about this , but promotion has always been an impossible outcome this season because of our inability to score goals from midfield.

In the season we got promoted last time , the first thing that Varney and Powell identified was that you have to have goals in your midfield otherwise you can’t be successful. That season , JJ ( in his prime) Stephens and Hollands scored 30 plus goals between them.

We have basically no one who can score a goal from midfield – I’m not counting Ricky Holmes who is the Danny Green equivalent who also scored his share.

The recruitment at the beginning of the season set us up to fail with a goalless midfield of Foley, Ulvestadt, Crofts and an ageing JJ .

Konza is brilliant but a centre half and Aribo is also brilliant but will probably end up as the defensive midfielder after the excellent Crofts leaves. Forster- Caskey and or Bryne might prove to be OK but they are both unproven and too late in the season.

The poor recruitment of players under the Duchatelet regime has been the biggest single disaster we have endured.

We are just fans so if we know what the problem is why can’t Roland, Katrien, Russell and Karl ?

It would be a good idea if Katrien called Peter Varney and Karl Robinson called Chris Powell if they won’t take my word for it and they really want to know how to get out of this division.


4 thoughts on “Mission Impossible

  1. ….. and sadly Albury there is more chance of finding Lord Lucan riding Shergar than getting Meire to contact Peter Varney and asking his advice on anything. That simple fact is what is wrong with the regime in a nutshell – they couldn’t organise a drink in a brewery, they know it but they won’t admit it. As long as the regime is in charge at the Valley the downward slide will continue – which is why I and so many people like me can no longer go along and put money into the regime through ticket sales etc.

  2. ….in which case Dave we’ll now be looking over the collective shoulder at the bottom 4 positions as we are more likely to be in a relegation struggle than a promotion push.
    Still, a drop down into division 2 will further reduce Duchatelet’s operating costs – but surely even he can see that his “investment” will reduce in value even further?
    I just don’t get where he’s coming from at all – he’s invested money that he obviously wants to protect and hopefully to see a positive return on, but he does his best to dilute his asset year on year! In any business in order to see a return you have to spend money and invest in the future in order to see future growth – speculate to accumulate. However this man made his millions is beyond me as he seems to be a complete economic illiterate – maybe it’s different with widgets, if so he’d be far better selling the club to someone who has at least some knowledge of how to run a professional football club and concentrating on his widgets.

    He owns several European clubs and they all have one thing in common….. some of them are ex-‘big clubs’ but they are now all lower division clubs in the respective leagues, and they are all cr*p, including our own beloved team.

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