Two Good Players in every position

It is tempting to speculate that what our Karl is really suggesting is that 22 players on the pitch at the same time is our best chance of winning a match.

However, what he is actually talking about is his strategy to turn the club around next season. Apparently in common with every other transfer window since the idiot Belgians arrived we are working hard to identify the new players who will bring success next season.  Well Karl (assuming you are still here which has got to be highly questionable) we can tell you from bitter experience that it never happens. All of your predecessors said the same thing and got short changed. The promised players never quite arrive for a whole variety of reasons – one suspects that trying to do two things at once is also a key inhibitor for clueless Katrien.

We always run out of time or money or both and are left woefully short of playing talent – this season’s starting midfield tells you all you need to know about the club’s preparedness and ability to acquire the right players.

Also, if you are a half decent footballer why on earth would you choose to come to Charlton , a club in free fall , at war with its own supporters and with a massively declining supporter base ?

I am not in favour of changing managers yet again – that has been a principal weakness of our geriatric owner but there will be no improvement or relief for supporters until we get new ownership, a new CEO and a new Board of Directors.

To quote the wisdom of Peggy Mitchell ” Get outta my club”

2 thoughts on “Two Good Players in every position

  1. Problem is Rees…… so will Duchatelet and Meire and Karl can only do well if he’s given the tools to do the job – which we know he won’t be.
    The best we can hope for at the moment is division 1 mid-table – that is if we don’t get dragged into the relegation dog-fight by the end of March…. which given recent form and performances is highly likely.

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