“They’re not bad people

– they’re just not playing well ”

Thank god that Karl has cleared that one up for us in his post match thoughts today. I was worried that we’d got a really bad bunch of criminals, thieves, fraudsters and worse playing for us.

I guess Karl has hit on a rich seam of truth that is running all the way through the club at the moment.

Take Katrien, the CEO for example , she’s not a bad person , she just no good at her job and then there’s Roland, our owner , he’s not a bad person either , he’s just no good as an owner.

So to summarise for us fans there are no what you would call “bad” people at the club , they are just all of them completely useless at their respective jobs.

Its certainly taken a weight of my mind , hopefully it has for you too.



4 thoughts on ““They’re not bad people

  1. Well it aint cos there aint nothin worse than readin your patronisin on ere. Katrien is doin well dahn our gaff, if anythin she should ave more control on footballin decision then I reckon ourn would be in a better place n all.

    • Buy a club with aspirations and potential to return to the Premier League, alienate a committed and passionate fanbase, lose over 40% of Season Ticket holders and those that remain mostly don’t turn up regularly, get the club relegated, become a laughing stock in the media, carve your way through 6 (7) managers, get caught out telling multiple untruths, consider your own supporters an enemy, have the club become a short hand for mismanagement.

      Exactly what is going so well?

  2. Oh and I know several supporters of very long standing being blocked my certain media sites for telling the truth and no swear words or bullying, yet allow other posts with so much filth and sear words, but when you mention the word pathetic, they do not like it. Grow a pair ok
    No, they are not murderers, thieves etc, but very caring and genuine supporters who care passionately for CAFC and seeing the total destruction of it in just over 3 years.
    What a club and what a complete disgrace indeed and that includes all the Departments in- house or otherwise. GET OT all of you.

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