Continuing the shambles at Charlton

In 50 years of supporting Charlton including the Selhurst and Upton Park years I can’t remember ever choosing to miss a home game that I could have gone to until tonight.

As we all know the Club is a complete shambles from the geriatric owner and his incompetent sidekick down to the players who frankly play like they couldn’t care less.

Running any kind of organisation is all about leadership and the club has none at all at any level , not in the boardroom , not in the running of the club or on the pitch.

All we have is a disinterested owner, a CEO without a shred of integrity or honour and a set of players who are completely bereft the minute they get on the pitch.

The forwards never score a goal, with the exception of Holmes, the midfielders don’t create chances and the 2 continental centre halves don’t really like heading the ball. It’s not exactly a recipe for footballing success is it ?

11 thoughts on “Continuing the shambles at Charlton

  1. Not going tonight for precisely the same reasons. I am not boycotting without realising it. Won’t be there on Saturday either and will probably give Bradford a miss too. Very, very sad that it’s come to this.

  2. I can’t wait either, if it’s based on what we’ve read so far you should win lots of awards a2c for your coherent, insightful, analysis of CAFC. Top tip don’t forget the gibberish check! Command Shift G.

  3. You’ve gotta stick with it albury mate – may be its a generation thing but for me, supporting a club means supporting a club, rough with the smooth, ride out the temporary custodians.
    To be honest I get frustrated with the fickle nature of our fan base – if you look at average attendance since the early 80s, well below 10k was not uncommon, something even Rick and his armchair army card gang can’t pin on the shortcomings of the current regime.
    The point is we are now where we were back then albeit without the threat of administration – I’m not for a minute suggesting we should sit back and accept but I just don’t get the staying away thing, it’s self-perpetuating and if you look down the years, inextricably linked to league position so let’s not give ourselves the duchalet excuse to justify lack of loyalty.
    Each to their own at the end of the day but the hatred and division whipped up by the card fellas is causing equall damage as the owners in my view – at least the latter provide positive support in terms of keeping the club afloat financially.
    Card react with uproar and incredulity when accused by the owner if being ‘stupid people’ yet the vitriolic abuse that is hurled back in the opposite direction, Northampton a case in point not to mention the appalling reaction towards Rudd by the same guys suggests to me stupid people is a stellar compliment.
    Where it’ll all end who knows but with division not unity driven by a disgruntled ex-employee with a grudge and a total loss of perspective from his misguided followers on top of the issues at the top it ain’t looking pretty

    • Steve thanks for the comment but I think there is a bit of confusion involved in it . The last thing you could call Rick Everitt and the CARD people is an armchair army – whether you agree with them or not ( and I obviously do ) they have actually got out and done lots of things and many of them were in Belgium at the weekend – so that’s hardly armchair stuff.
      Also you seem to suggest that the CARD people had something to do with criticising Declan Rudd on Saturday. Since most of them were in Belgium , I think that’s highly unlikely.
      The biggest problem for Charlton is the lack of any credible ambition from the owner and an inability to present any kind of vision for the club. Unfortunately and ultimately the game is supposed to be entertaining and enjoyable, not just a chore because we’ve always done it. I don’t know how old you are , but I was in the 3001 for Halifax at home and I was at Selhurst for a cup game with Bradford when we had a crowd of c 900 , not to mention all the other games at Selhurst and Upton Park.
      The reason I didn’t go tonight had nothing to do with Rick Everitt and/ or CARD – I’m intelligent enough to make my own mind up and the thing that the ownership have destroyed is the hope for the future.

      • Nothing personal Albury, we all want the same thing, I just get frustrated as the dwindling attendances, seen in the past also as league position has faltered, have in part also been driven by the poisonous atmosphere created by card/card followers, one of the same ultimately. It was the same guys abusing Rudd that where abusing the regime in vile tones – it’s clear where the inspiration is coming from.
        You’re dead right, it shouldn’t be a chore and in a perfect world it wouldn’t be but the reality is, supporting a club like ours means more downs than ups whether driven by lack of ambition or, as has been the case historically, lack of finance.
        I’m 49 btw and have had a ST most seasons since the mid70s including selhurst – like most others, more dissafected now than ever before but still manage, just, to make a 150 round trip (no longer live local) – I just think it’s time for people to step back, seperate the club from the regime, appreciate that the former will outlast the latter and put their backsides on a seat at the valley instead of criticising from the armchair, again nothing personal but you need to appreciate the division the dissafected former employee has created. No doubt the guys in Belgium are fine fellows but the moronic and abusive behaviours they inspire can’t be denied – more division.
        We should demonstrate we’re bigger than the regime but not by demonstrating/abusing/boycotting but trying to sustain something which, hopefully, will endure beyond the current crisis.

  4. I agree with Albury – I have supported the club for over 50 years through thick and thin…..mostly thin, sadly…. but the present debacle is the worst that I have seen in that time.
    I have lived through the Gliksten regime, the Hulyer shambles, the Slater years and now Duchatelet. For the first time the club has an owner with money behind him, the only problem is he’s a total idiot who may run a widget-making outfit or whatever he does, but he doesn’t have a clue about running a professional football club.
    There must be an ulterior motive to him buying a club that owns a valuable piece of land in up and coming south-east London – having only seen two live matches at the Valley in the time he’s owned the club he doesn’t exactly stand out as an avid supporter, does he?

    I cannot bring myself to watch this season’s shambles after the relegation of last season and the way in which he treated Sir Chris, and got rid of excellent players such as Yann the Man, Morro, Stevens et al and brought in such a load of dross from his minor European clubs.
    I will not return to SE7 until Duchatelet sells to an owner who respects the ethos and history of the club and who has the money and inclination to make us great again…. and that owner will NOT come from the far east, or across the Atlantic.
    I had tears in my eyes walking down the steps towards the exit after the last game I attended at the Valley because I knew that I would not be returning for some time… and God knows where the club will be by then. Too big to go down? Try telling that to Pompey fans, to Blackpool fans, to Torquay Utd fans who could drop out of the National League this year after years of suffering under idiot owners. No club is too big to go down or out of the league…..

  5. All so negative.
    Look on the bright side. they delayed the kick off 15 mins so that I could get a burger, no salmonella yet.
    There are no queues for half time beer, or anything else for that matter.
    You get home in record time.
    Once again had to rely on Jacko to score for us, probably the only player we had last night capable of scoring (unless we get a pen)

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