Clueless Tactics from Charlton

So we are playing the mighty Walsall at home in the 3rd division, time to assume they are Barcelona, let’s play one bloke up front who can’t really head and play wingers and full backs all over the pitch who cross the ball in and watch it sail over his head or get headed back by the Walsall centre halves.

When eventually someone on the coaching staff points out to the boss that it really is Walsall in the 3rd division and not Barcelona and why don’t we try 2 blokes up front including one who can head , lo and behold, we finally create some pressure and score a goal.

The minute the team sheet was announced any fan with half a brain knew that it wouldn’t work, but apparently our manager thought otherwise. The one consistent thing about Robinsons team selection and tactics is that they are inconsistent.

How many fullbacks do you need in the team ? Page, Chicksen and Byrne all playing , at least one of them surplus to requirements.

Another shockingly awful performance in a season full of them.

I was talking to my mate today who goes pretty much every week and we both agreed ( it’s now March) that at The Valley we had only seen ONE decent performance ALL SEASON which was the win over Bristol Rovers – at this lowest level of the league for us,  it’s almost unbelievable

2 thoughts on “Clueless Tactics from Charlton

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  2. All the more bizarre as against Scunthorpe we stated with two big boys up front and it was quite positive. Seems like they are just there to torment us!

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