Roland & Katrien lack common sense

All Charlton fans should listen to the latest and final instalment of the excellent ‘ Getting to know the Network’ , link here

None of it is surprising and most was in the public domain anyway, but bearing in mind that Roland is apparently a highly intelligent individual -most , if not all, of his key decisions on Charlton have shown a complete lack of common sense.

No common sense in

  1. Appointing a CEO with no experience, either in football or of being a CEO
  2. Selling the team’s best players almost immediately after takeover instead of building around them
  3. Using Thomas Dreisen as the key scout/voice on transfers when he has never played football and only recommends players from videos
  4. Alienating the fan base with nonsense about them being customers rather than owning the club.
  5. Hiring managers ( lots of them) and using players ( lots of them) most of them without prior experience of managing or playing in the English Championship.
  6. the list is endless ……………………………………..

We can only hope that the nightmare will soon come to an end, – the continuing low profile/disappearance of Katrien is surely a hopeful sign that a change of ownership is on the way. It can’t come soon enough.

Meantime, lets all support the team and the memory of Keith Palmer on Tuesday and the Upbeats walk on the 8th. I shall be doing the walk and I’m in intensive training today , which means I might have to walk to the pub tonight


4 thoughts on “Roland & Katrien lack common sense

  1. No one can deny the complete mess Roland has made of the club or the money thrown at it but I think a change is in the air. We have a manager who keen to get on in the game and he won’t hang about if he thinks things are not working out.We have a unique owner-happy to squander X million £’s. No doubt keen to do the same to rectify things with the right manager.Roland is,after all,foremost a business man and the last set of accounts will have brought him up short. He needs the championship as do we all.sadly, whinging so called supporters who stay away from games do not help the players’.Time for a rethink?

    • John
      I agree with most of your comments but I don’t think we should call the absentees whinging so called supporters, I’ve got good mates who gave up this season after 50 years like me, we want them and all the others to come back – it’s essential for the health of the club – only Roland’s departure will achieve that

  2. a2c, is that you? Anyone who thinks Roland is squandering his own personal wealth into CAFC does not understand the situation. These are loans charged to the club at 3% interest. He is saddling the club with debt that he will expect back (and more) when the time to sell comes and still failing.

    He may be a successful business man but I’m afraid he is in the wrong business this time. I don’t see any kind of success at any of the network clubs and he is despised by fans at each of the clubs.

  3. Thass not me but I agree with wot most e says cept Queen Katrien n King Roland are doin a great job dahn our gaff n always get my full support on ere n elsewhere as do the team players n club n we aint forgettin Keith n the police who do a great job keepin us safe either.

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