Charlton play like a pub team

Another home game , another shockingly awful performance. Admittedly, we have the poorest playing squad I have ever seen in 50 years at The Valley ( and I’ve said that all season) , but Karl seems to have welded the worst set of players we have ever had to completely unfathomable tactics and structure to create an unstoppable disaster.

Robinson’s motivational talk to the players implying that none of them will be here next season – whilst entirely accurate- seems to have the ( not entirely surprising) affect of turning them all off. The one exception appears to be Ricky Holmes who spiritedly and regularly tries to beat all 11 opposition players before the 4th or 5th dispossess him.

We have gone from a depressing defensive minded structure under Slade to an (even more) useless, depressing and completely open diamond/wing back structure under Robinson.

Going to games has become unbearably miserable , its definitely not fun on any level. In the East Stand where I sit, fans who have been going for years clash and argue in front of their children and grandchildren – it makes you want to cry when you realise what a complete shambles the club has become.


8 thoughts on “Charlton play like a pub team

  1. The sqaud is certainly ill equipped for a promotion push but I still believe the manager should be getting more out of these players. We have a lot to thank Keven Nugent for – it looks like the 7 points from 3 games he gained should be just enough to keep us in the division. Karl Robinson’s 0.90 points per game netted out over 46 games would certainly see us relegated. Roland was keen to press home how stupid the vinegar pissers were for being upset with the sacking of Sir Chris who was averaging under 1 point per game. if he’s such a stats man, is this the end for Robinson?

  2. Has the owner already started the search for a new manager to steer the club into the Conference league ?

  3. Yes the Owner has his wishes and he has totally destroyed CAFC and yes got supporters angrily clashing with each other and on the so-called (well some) sites where people are blocked for stating the truth!!!
    Just what has happened to our club. well everything is wrong from top to bottom and we knew this over 3 years ago

  4. Completely agree it’s totally miserable although I don’t think the squad is as bad as you say – just the circumstances. I’d imagine Robinson doesn’t honestly think he’ll be around next season either.
    We can only hope that positive change is afoot – personally I’d take div 4 if it meant we’d rid ourselves of this dreadful regime.
    In the meantime, taking my youngest lad to white hart lane on Saturday, he’s a Watford season ticket holder (we live in Herts) as I can’t take any more of the doom and gloom right now

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  6. I really don’t understand why people still go?
    I’m not having a go but I haven’t been since last season, decided to boycott.
    I did think of going last night out of respect for PC Keith Palmer but I knew Charlton would ruin the script and they did.
    It’s so depressing what’s happening to our club, I just don’t want to be a part of it, why should I waste my money on utter rubbish and dross, week in week out. You can say I’m not a supporter but I’ve done my time, over 40 years, Sellout and Upton Park but I’ve had enough, it’s not enjoyable and by going, I believe I’m condoning/supporting those that are ruining my club.
    Clueless players, playing like headless chickens and an even more clueless manager.

    The malaise that’s running through out club appears to be terminal!

  7. Shockin juss shockin shame the players couldn’t do better in the game dahn our gaff. The Club did ourn prahd with the tribute to PC Keith, the police do a great job protectin us from terrorists n keepin us safe n I will never forget n all.

  8. who would have thought from being an established first division in the late 50s going up and down between div 1 , 2 and sometimes the 3rd, that now we could up end in the fourth div , next stop non league.

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