Head of Culture and Inspiration needed at Charlton

I met with an excellent business last week ( not a big corporate like a google or Facebook ) who employed one of these. Being from an older generation, I am generally very negative about this sort of mumbo jumbo in businesses, but the guy was making a huge and obvious contribution to their relatively small business.

I then did the Upbeats walk on Saturday morning , surrounded by Charlton fans of all ages who literally were prepared to go the extra mile or nine for the club community. We also had the very dignified and heartfelt tribute to PC Keith Palmer on Tuesday .

It struck me that there is still a huge untapped potential amongst the supporter base who view the club as their ‘roots’ , a symbol of community , family and belonging. You only have to look at the incredible array of creative and organisational talent that has been utilised by the CARD campaign to realise what the club are missing out on.

We all know that Roland and Katrien are completely clueless and have no idea how to run a football club or how to tap into this latent energy and goodwill.

However , I really hope that our new owners appoint someone with a specific brief to rebuild the club with a unique and inspirational culture of which we can all be immensely proud.

Its a great opportunity for someone and what a fabulous job that would be ?


Here is my mate Jerry and his Jack Russell Gaddafi before our walk yesterday.

Jerry & Gaddafi

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