Will Katrien Meire finally do the right thing ?

Surely Katrien will resign at the end of this season. I have been a Chief Executive and Chairman for the last 25 years in a variety of different businesses and industries and I cannot imagine any business scenario where the level of ineptitude and incompetence which she has exhibited at Charlton would not have resulted in resignation or more likely dismissal. This season has been yet another disaster and the CEO is ultimately responsible for that catastrophic failure.

Although CARD and other fan organisations are totally focussed on the  removal of Roland Duchatelet, to my mind, the CEO is and should be the public face of the club and Katrien has demonstrated on countless occasions that she cannot fulfill that role properly.

She has no respect or support from the club’s fans and they are the business’s customers.

How on earth can any leader continue in those circumstances.

Come on Katrien – it’s finally time to do the right thing


4 thoughts on “Will Katrien Meire finally do the right thing ?

  1. Totally agree with you. She won’t resign though whilst Roland is telling her in private what a great job she is doing! Utter shambles. He is the core of the problem. #Rolandout

  2. Here here. I would still prefer Roland to sell up but you cannot question that he has made competitive funds available for CAFC (albeit via loans). Mismanagement at that club (which I haven’t got time to list everything) has been down to the CEO and managers. Managers have paid the price whilst Katrien’s position for failure seems unquestioned. Something not quite right there…

  3. Katrien will still be CEO. I’m more concerned about CARD carrying on these protests. We have an English manager,Players who know the division,debt written off,training ground being upgraded yet these characters still want to protest. It won’t bother Roland.He’s made big mistakes and looks like he’s learned from them.Who do CARD want to take over from him,The owner of Leyton Orient? or Leeds? Roland has the biggest money pot in the division.It just wants Robinson to spend it in the right way.If CARD want to protest they should be careful what they wish for !!!

    • John if you are correct and Katrien is still CEO next season that tells you all about why CARD are absolutely correct to continue their campaign.
      Any decision to retain her is the biggest contribution to the wilful destruction of the club which has been undertaken by the owner

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