I love Charlton Athletic

What a lovely day, what great entertainment on and off the pitch. We played pretty well , scored 3 good goals and could have had 6 or 7. Swindon were woeful , but hey , who cares. The ballons, the protests, the ticker tape season tickets , the pitch invasion were all great.

There is a big temptation to give up my season tickets next year as many of my mates have and thousands of others have done, but I can’t and won’t be driven out by the ownership.

Im not going to criticise anyone who is boycotting but I honestly think it is the wrong choice. It is much more powerful to hear 10,000 people singing ‘ Get out of our Club’ and cheering when we score or play well than it is when people just don’t turn up.

Its not just me, if you listen or read the comments of Chris Powell or Steve Brown, they urge us to keep going and supporting the team. We will be rid of these incompetents eventually.

I’d rather have 20,000 people reminding Katrien that she is a compulsive liar and making her attendance a complete misery than 5,000 people because otherwise she has been successful in her mission to destroy the club.

I love Charlton Athletic football club , it represents my youth, my roots, it is part of what defines me. We need to keep fighting and we need to do it inside The Valley, not from afar.

10 thoughts on “I love Charlton Athletic

  1. I’m afraid CARD is becoming a problem in itself that supporters who want the club to do well are being put off by this inane baiting of the owner. CARD want Roland out.Who the hell is going to buy the club in this state? No one!!!.Roland is a businessman and he will not sell unless the club starts to attract buyers.The only way that happens is if the club gains promotion. Who has got bags of money?,Roland.Who is best placed to correct the mess he caused? Roland.I feel sorry for the players and manager at the moment.They need all the support they can get without this mindless nonsense going on

    • John I’m afraid you are very much in the minority in your support for the owner. The CARD campaign is very well organised and thoroughly professional unlike the club’s management – witness the ridiculous over the top policing and stewarding that the club organised.There is no evidence that Roland is prepared to fund a successful team in fact quite the contrary and we need everyone to continue to badger him and his incompetent CEO relentlessly

      • Personally, don’t know who I despise more, the owner or Everett and his card group, close call, both equally damaging to the long term if the club albeit in different ways.
        When we’re finally rid of this ownership, they’ll be those that stuck by the team, those that deserted and those that spread vile, vitriolic and xenophobic abuse – I know what camp I’m in.
        What the new owners, if any can be pursuaded, will inherit is anyone’s guess – maybe a club but no ground ownership (if that’s the case hats off to you Rick you twat) but most certainly a club with a fickle and easily led fan base that’ll drag the reputation of the institution they’re supposed to support through the mud if the odd disgruntled ex employee tells them they should

      • Steve
        I get another poster on here who regularly uses the word xenophobic , although unlike you he doesn’t spell it correctly. He always accuses me of being one just because I factually call our owner and his useless CEO- Belgians ( which they are !).
        Inevitably I cannot read everything that is posted everywhere about Charlton ( who can ?), but apart from a very small number of Twitter posters who regularly use vile etc abuse about everything in the world – not just Charlton, I haven’t seen any of this vile, vitriolic, xenophobic abuse that you talk about here. I don’t know why you and a few others choose to make this whole thing a them and us thing amongst the fans – to my mind that is the most depressing aspect of this.
        Occasionally, I look at the Into The Valley site and I generally find the negativity mostly directed to other fans rather than the inept owner and CEO, which is just ridiculous. I don’t know Rick Everitt and I am perfectly capable of making up my own mind about the current ownership and the decline of the club over the last 10 years and I am sure I am not alone. Finally, I am great friends with a number of ‘deserters’ as you call them – people who sat alongside me for 50 years until this year and last. They are not in some other camp – they have been and remain great Charlton Supporters and we should try and encourage them and welcome them back with open arms. I don’t understand the antipathy that you have for other Charlton supporters – save it for Palace !

  2. Good sentiments Albury. Think you are right let us make our case from within. If they put together a good package I will sign up next year. Enjoy the summer and get back on it next year.

  3. I agree with steve n john. Your atred of Queen Kat the Queen of CAFC n King Roland smacks of exenophobia wot with your anti Belgian chants n abuse urled at our owners but less face it thass wot your vandals are all abahrt, all yourn want is to destroy our gaff n make it as ard as yourn can for the owners to take ourn up to the Champs again. Some of us n more n more of us are sussin yourn ahrt n the sooner we act on it to get the vermin exenophobe fans ahrt the better, but less not let yourn get away with it. The fight back starts next season with CAFAEX, Charlton Athletic Fans against Exenophobia.

  4. Probably too generalistic to be fair and not on your blog but you’d have to be deaf and blind not to hear and see it on match days, especially away. I’m pretty die-hard when it comes to my support but it certainly puts me off and is a far cry from the welcoming atmosphere you espouse
    I stood on the crumbling east stand, marched on the town hall, did my stint at selhurst, cried with joy at Wembley etc etc – my antipathy is borne out of a loathing for the stupidity and futility of the actions, as opposed to the people, that’ve latched onto the personal grievance of one individual in particular with a grievance and personal agenda
    Come what may in the summer, it’d be nice to think we can unite and get behind the team which is kind of what we’re supposed to do and stop creating negativity by banging on endlessly about the guy doing the bankrolling – fat chance

    • OK. fair enough and understood, although I think the antipathy for Rick Everitt is overdone. VOTV although obviously anti Duchatelet is well written and researched and generally takes a relatively considered tone – the same is true of Richard Wiseman and the people from CAST. I am sure you have seen the recent Guardian film which showed the protesters as reasonable, intelligent and passionate.
      Anyway, as I have said , I want everyone to come back and support the team – the owner can help hugely by making sensible recruitment decisions in the summer and in fact he could defuse the entire issue if he wanted to by combining those sensible recruitment decisions with the dismissal of the CEO. The protesting would quickly dissipate, but none of us have any confidence in his decision making , do we ?

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