There is a saying in horseracing that a good big one always beats a good small one. It felt rather like that on Tuesday night. Wigan looked like a very good side, both in terms of physicality and technique. In contrast to Saturday when Southend had a fair amount of the former , but luckily not much of the latter.

I’m not really sure why Karl felt the need to apologise to supporters unless he felt that the rain and the train service back to London Bridge were his fault. We got beaten by a better side and to be fair it could have been a bigger score. I guess the lack of a Plan B and the players to implement a Plan B is a concern.

It was obvious to all of us that skilful as they are , JFC, Fosu and Billy Clarke were getting outmuscled whilst Ricky Holmes was being assaulted and none of them were getting close enough to big Josh for him to retain meaningful possession. Personally, I would have brought Konza on earlier to compete with more size and aggression in the middle where we just looked lightweight. Joe Dodoo appears to have been to the Izale McLeod school of first touch and ball control , but we can only hope that he is just ring rusty.

Anyway, there will be better days and weaker teams and generally it has been a very good start. The overall play has been refreshing and good to watch and as a result the crowd has started to find its voice again.

Let us trust that Gillingham are no Wigan …………….

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