I like you Karl

Our man Karl is doing a good job and I like him . He always pays respect to the supporters both on the road and at home. The team is playing some attractive stuff and it’s enjoyable to watch .It was a great result today away at Bradford, a place we have typically struggled since our last win back in the 80’s . It may well prove to be a seminal moment in our season. The result that made us believe.

Although I am a massive critic of Roland and Katrien, I am not entirely sure about the Aussies unless they’ve got the funds and stamina to make a real difference – but I would certainly be very disappointed if our Karl left because he’s doing a good job and I like him. It would be a big mistake from a new owner if they let him go …………………….

just like the idiot Belgians did with Chis Powell 4  years ago …………… we don’t need another Groundhog Day



Are the Aussies coming to our rescue?

I guess the first question to ask about the rumoured takeover by Andrew Muir and the Aussies is – can they afford it ? Bearing in mind Roland has insisted on getting his money back which is c £50m and the annual club losses in the 3rd division are £7m.

In the event that we get promoted which you would expect within the next 2-3 years, then annual losses would likely increase because of the need for better players to c £10m. Let us assume therefore that the next 5 years including the purchase price will bring the total investment to c £80- 90m which is required just to get us to a middle ranking ( if we are lucky) Championship club.

From the published figures, having sold his retail business , Mr Muir who is worth c £400m and has said  ( ” I’m not going to waste it on racehorses “)

n.b. – ; if he’s a bloke that doesn’t like wasting money then I’m already worried – think Roland and the duck tape on his shoes and his 70th birthday dinner in the window at at a Belgian Nando’s ;

– and according to The Rickster is about to commit c 25% of his net worth to a football club on the other side of the world from where he lives.

I’m not sure what to make of this – maybe he has got some other A$ billionaire friends who are up for the ride or maybe he’s just bonkers.

Anyway, it would certainly be impossible to manage the club more incompetently than Roland and Katrien – so they would certainly get a cautious welcome from me.

We all know that running Charlton is challenging and the supporters would be bought back in to any new regime that has some ambition and at least got the basics right and realised that the club belongs to its supporters whoever has the financial ownership.



Lost in translation

On a mobile phone line from Tel Aviv, our heavily accented ex Israeli manager,one of our twenty seven previous managers in the last 3 years, informed the News Shopper that Katrien Meire was the  ‘art of Charlton’

Modesty forbids Albury from revealing what he actually said about Katrien’s capabilities but  suffice it to say that anotomically it rhymes with farce.