Lost in translation

On a mobile phone line from Tel Aviv, our heavily accented ex Israeli manager,one of our twenty seven previous managers in the last 3 years, informed the News Shopper that Katrien Meire was the  ‘art of Charlton’

Modesty forbids Albury from revealing what he actually said about Katrien’s capabilities but  suffice it to say that anotomically it rhymes with farce.

2 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. Get behind the team for a change and put your personal grievances on hold. You maybe right but it not the time for the continual putting down by you. Get behind the team.

    • Peter what has this got to do with getting behind the team – I do that every week by using my season ticket and screaming my support
      You appear to be confusing the ownership with the team – they are not the same

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