I like you Karl

Our man Karl is doing a good job and I like him . He always pays respect to the supporters both on the road and at home. The team is playing some attractive stuff and it’s enjoyable to watch .It was a great result today away at Bradford, a place we have typically struggled since our last win back in the 80’s . It may well prove to be a seminal moment in our season. The result that made us believe.

Although I am a massive critic of Roland and Katrien, I am not entirely sure about the Aussies unless they’ve got the funds and stamina to make a real difference – but I would certainly be very disappointed if our Karl left because he’s doing a good job and I like him. It would be a big mistake from a new owner if they let him go …………………….

just like the idiot Belgians did with Chis Powell 4  years ago …………… we don’t need another Groundhog Day



9 thoughts on “I like you Karl

  1. Very fiar comment and this new in phrase with due care and diliigence. Nothing has been signed and very very surprised that this story has been leaked and the last place we will find out is not the pathetic inhouse and other media teams ie Charlton live sponsored by the parent club.
    We shall see and us supporters been let down several times in the past, so we shall see what happens.
    Wonderful win at Bradford and LOL damn thought that the Shrews lead would have been cut.
    Fair play to them still undefeated and also Wigan with a hugely favourable GD, but 2nd spot is up fro grabs I think.
    A lot can and probaly will happen and a longggggggggggggg way to go.

  2. Its my big concern also – The appointment of KR and the continued employment of a manager who really cares is the probably the best thing from the current regime. We seem to have a record of new owners bringing in new managers ie Chris Powell and Phil Parkinson. The thing we do not need at the moment is a change of manager

    • Couldn’t agree more!

      Therefore with RD and the SMT keeping a very low profile I for one would prefer the current regime to an unknown and perhaps underfunded new regime.

      If a change does take place then Red Bull London please albeit that the Charlton name will be a memory from the past. But in an era of rapid change I can cope with that in exchange for real investment geared for success but I’m sure that many of those addicted to protesting with have found themselves their next cause celebre.

  3. Some of us have liked the gaffer from the get go unlike one eyed types who have bad mouthed him as Gobbison and other insults when following their own sad agendas.

    Robbo is open and enthusiastic and has brought into his management team winners such as Lee Bowyer, Jacko and Big Sam. Strong ego with strong beliefs but never frightened to ask for help.

    • JK
      Unfortunately the arrival of social media seems to have heralded an age of rudeness and abusive language.
      I understand entirely why people disagree but I absolutely do not understand why they feel the need to be abusive on blogs or twitter for example
      As you can imagine I get my fair share on here just for expressing an opinion

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