Running on fumes

I feel a bit sorry for Karl Robinson. He’s got an incredibly difficult job. I can’t be alone that I’m kind of running on fumes in my support these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to games and I’ve got my season tickets and car park spot and I still eat the inedible tepid food in the Fans Bar and most weeks I buy a programme. In fact before the MK Dons game, I even bought a new Charlton mug and a Grey Bobble Hat so I’m doing my bit – but along with most of the crowd, even my love has disappeared a little.

The thought of a tough game tomorrow night in the bloody third division against mid table Peterborough  ( yes those titans of English football) in the freezing cold with a wind tunnel for company because of all the empty seats is not appealing. Even the train service seems to be newly designed to be as infrequent and inconvenient as possible.

The terrible damage done to the club and its fanbase by Duchatelet and Meire in particular is enormous. I really hope that it’s temporary and reversible,but it just seems to me that the club’s remaining support is balanced on a paper clip and it really wouldn’t take much more than a couple of poor results for even more of us diehards to disappear.

That would be very harsh on a Robinson who is doing a really good job with hardly any support from the Board. We must surely be the only team in the EFL that is challenging for promotion where the manager is expected to be successful with only one recognised striker.

It seems that the nth proposed takeover has stalled or disappeared, but Karl needs to  continue to work his magic because without the cavalry arriving over the horizon, I fear that any setbacks will prove disproportionately negative to our remaining support.

5 thoughts on “Running on fumes

  1. All you do is moan. Cheer up a bit. We are playing some good stuff under an enthusiastic manager. Get over the old days and start supporting the current team

    • Sam the clue is in the blog title – grumpy ramblings – but this one is not even a moan it’s an observation about the dwindling crowd and support. I do get behind the team because I go every week and cheer and clap them to the rafters
      Unfortunately I am one of an ever smaller band. Even though the football is pretty attractive and our league position is good the crowds are still terrible particularly at the midweek games.Ive been going for 52 years so it’s certainly not about harking back to yesteryear because for many of those years it was pretty awful but the biggest disappointment now at Charlton is the lost opportunity to create a really big club at a time of maximum riches in the game and maximum housing development within our catchment area
      The news that Palace are now going to further increase capacity following on from the West Ham move to the Olympic Stafium just highlights that we are falling further behind. Of course things can change but that won’t happen unless we get an ambitious and sensible owner – maybe then I will change the title of my blog or retire.

  2. You are spot on here. I fully expect a swan-dive in our promotion ambitions due to the glaring weakness of the squad, the cashing-in on one or two of our best players in January and a failure to adequately replace or strengthen the side. There can’t be a cub in history that has won promotion with one striker and an inability to adapt formations successfully when falling behind in games. This would see another step-change in our fall from grace and cement us as a League One club. I no longer go as it is and am not really missing it as are thousands of others. How long before we are the majority?

  3. We have seen earlier in the season what a fully fit #cafc squad might achieve But the inevitable injuries have proved how thin that squad is Before the transfer window arrives the early progress could all be lost
    The rumours regarding Best suggest that we might consider a short term deal This must be a good option if, for no other reason, to add another experienced body on the pitch over the busy Christmas period

  4. Let’s see if Roland is as good as his word about strengthening in January if we are in contention which we are. We know it’s a difficult window where you pay over the odds but if we were to sell Konsa we would have the funds to be able to do this. If we don’t, we may even see Robinson leave. Would he see this as undermining his position at the club after coming out and making Roland’s position clear on January transfer plans? His stock is currently high and no doubt the managerial New Year merry-go-round will be in full swing, so it is not out of the question.

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