Dear Karl – please can we play 4-4-2

Yesterday was entirely predictable with a predictable result. We run around and look busy for 20 minutes and then if we haven’t scored we run out of ideas, the opposition come into the game and score and then we have to try to turn our possession and corners into a goal which we can’t.

Dont get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Karl, but we have become a complete one trick pony at home . Although amazingly we are still 6th in the table, apart from a short spell against MKDons , I haven’t seen us play well for weeks.

The system we are playing means that a) Magennis has to play regardless of whether  he is in good form, knackered or injured and b) if he is any of the above which he certainly looked yesterday, the ball keeps flying back to our half and the defenders start to look overloaded .

Presumably Karls reluctance to play a second striker alongside Josh is because we haven’t got one which is undoubtedly a fair point, but I would definitely have played KAG up there yesterday , he is on a mini roll and this is the THIRD division and the opposition teams are generally pretty hopeless. Yesterday was yet another example of Josh playing against and getting nothing out of two enormous centre halves – there was no one there to pick up knock downs , flick ons – and this has been going on for weeks now.

Surely it is time to try a new system, we aren’t playing in the Premier League or some sophisticated football league , we are playing in the lowest reaches of the Football Pyramid with some half decent players – we ought to be able to change the system and shake it up a bit.

The other thing that looks like a problem is the lack of leadership on the pitch. With the honourable exception of Chris Solly, who certainly gave everything yesterday , there is no one on the pitch to galvanise and drive the players like a Johnnie Jackson or a Mark Kinsella or a Scotty Parker or a Johnnie Robinson.

Apart from the game and the performance, it was a lovely day !! , the Club’s marketing team have certainly improved immeasurably.

The all round entertainment and build up was brilliantly orchestrated and it was great to see a decent crowd again.

6 thoughts on “Dear Karl – please can we play 4-4-2

  1. Completely agree Albury, Josh has well and truly lost his mojo (lost his rag yesterday as well) and it’s not all his fault. Teams have sussed out Robinson’s tactics and they don’t need a spy to look at the white board in the home changing room. I’m not convinced Leon Best will fill the void but he must be given a lengthy opportunity soon (contract running out) to show what he can do, whether with or without Josh. Our geriactric owners response to funding Best wages for 2 months suggest there is zero chance of any significant funds being made available in January to fix this problem – not what Karl told us in August.

  2. You got it right in the first sentence, “predictable, predictable ” because that’s Robinson. Whilst he comes over to the supporters as a man with passion and commitment, that’s really just about all he’s got to offer, with no game plan and let’s be honest any vision in setting out the team or changing the formation when it inevitably goes pear shape week in and week out. JJ and Bowyer as joint managers to replace Robinson sooner rather than later to put a stop to the rot and have a management team who have some pedigree

  3. Pompey manager played it spot on. Keep it tight first half and see what Charlton can do. Well I seem to remember our first shot on goal was in the 34th minute. His half-time team talk must have been simple, their not hurting us lets get at them. Apart from the fortunate goal they then made worrying breaks straight through our midfield at every opportunity. With misdirected passes and Ricky Holmes trying to do a Roy of the Rovers we are quite frankly a League 1 side thinking they are better. Karl needs to get real with what he has not keep to a script that has been circulated round all the League 1 clubs. Why do you think Roy, sorry Ricky got decked early on.

  4. Just cannot understand why KAG did not staert,he has been toiling away all season,finally started scoring and then when his confidence is high,gets left out.Also why not give Jacko the last 15 minutes,we would certainly have had a better chance of scoring from the countless dead ball situations we had.

  5. I agree we should play 2 up front but favour a 3-5-2 system. The back four we employ with small fullbacks is not physically strong enough. Use Solly(or Dijksteel) and DaSilva as wingbacks and Khasi when fit as the holding player in midfield. Maybe Best could play No.9 and Magennis drop to No.10 role to give him more room.

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