Post predict promotion for Charlton

The Racing Post published their half time football season predictions today and their League 1 pundit has bravely advised punters to get on Charlton at 6-1 to achieve promotion. For those of you who are both diehards and clueless, you can get 70-1 now on us going up as Champions.

The pundit reckons our chances are dependent on getting our injured players back and that was before he heard about Billy Clarke. To my mind, our chances are more dependent on finding a 15 goal striker for the 2nd half of the season and that in turn is dependent on our geriatric owner deciding whether he cares whether we go up or not. Unfortunately since he is not a normal owner of a football club, none of us can know the answer to that.

Let us hope that we get some luck over the next few months and the greatest gift that any Charlton fan could have before the season is out would be a new owner and CEO who know what they are doing and care about the football club and it’s customers.

It would be great if we start the next run of games with a more direct and 2 men up front approach to the Blackpool game. Let’s really get after them instead of spending 20 passes to get in the penalty area.

Happy Christmas to all Charlton fans and your families – keep the faith surely our luck will change soon !


3 thoughts on “Post predict promotion for Charlton

  1. Envious glances towards Barnsley on the news of their takeover, the figure is believed to be somewhere between £10-20m. How much our absent owner requires to sell, we don’t know. At least now, the rhetoric seems to be that offers will be listened to, as opposed to the dismissive way that Peter Varney and co were treated. Surely it would be foolish to price a loss making business that you are not interested in out of reach for anyone.

  2. Nailed it in one – “depends on whether our geriatric owner deciding whether he cares about whether we go up or not.” The fact is, he doesn’t, so we won’t and that’s been the case since he took us down.

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