Spineless Charlton

When I was a kid and pretty much in the 50 years since I was told that you built a football team with strength down the spine, so your key players are a decent keeper ,two uncompromising centre halves, a tough ball winning centre mid and a strong competitive goal scoring centre forward – then what you do is build the rest of the team around that. For example, look at our team that Chris Powell built last time , Hamer – Taylor, Morrison ( Cort)- Hollands ( Stephens) – Kermit ( BWP).

Amos is OK and just maybe a combination of Pearce, Bauer and Lennon ( hugely underrated by the fans) works but to be honest the midfield and forwards just don’t cut it. Admittedly we’ve got some decent players, Da Silva, Holmes, Fosu, Solly, Konsa and Aribo are all OK , but they don’t really form the spine – although Aribo shows promise and Robinson should have played him earlier.

Robinson has been hugely disadvantaged by the loss of Pearce, Bauer and Lennon because at this level you don’t want ball playing centre halves like Sarr and Konsa you want no nonsense body on the line , attack the headers, scare the centre forward, take one for the team men. Pearce and Lennon are proper 3rd division centre halves.

It is difficult to see how this team can be successful because the spine is too weak and the team is unbalanced . To be fair to Robinson it would always be impossible to get promoted from any league in the world with only one striker and to be frank he’s not really a goal scorer.

In order to win any more games in this division this season we will need 2 of those centre halves fit again and we will need to buy at least one goal scoring centre forward and hope that Aribo keeps progressing.

I will be travelling to Wigan in hope but with an increasing sense of foreboding.

4 thoughts on “Spineless Charlton

  1. That’s very interesting and I agree Lennon Pearce and Bauer are essential to this team. Konsa looks very uncomfortable in the role and Sarr is error prone. There seems no chemistry between them and indeed with Amos who cuts a lone figure. Aribo had a chance earlier in the season and blew it and is lucky to have another. I thought Best was looking good in the Blackpool game. Trouble is that even with our ‘best’ team out Wigan easily beat us. Let’s forget that game and concentrate on Gillingham and Oldham as 6 points we can win.

  2. Yes but he is in charge of the team. WHY did we only have 1 striker and let so many go? Not bothered that they moved strikers on but you need to REPLACE them. Again we have tried to find players on the cheap (Best and Dodoo) and it has failed miserably. #Rolandout

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