5 pints for £11.80

What a great night we had at Wigan. The whole team put a heroic shift in with a particular shout out for Harry Lennon who was outstanding and showed just what we have missed. He also gave Naby Sarr and Ezri Konsa the opportunity to show how good they can be when playing in the right positions and with the proper physical support that he provides. Let us hope for his sake and ours that he remains fit for the rest of the season. The defence will stop leaking goals. All we need then is to find a striker from somewhere who can score some goals and we will move up the table again. A potential takeover cannot come quickly enough to get the full benefit of the January transfer window.

I’d slightly forgotten what fun away games up north can be. Although it was a bloody long drive there and back, the banter was great, the result was good, the locals were very friendly and above all in the after match pub in Leigh, 2 pints of Guinness and 3 Pints of Bombardier for £11.80. I stood gawping and disbelieving offering more money as the girl behind the bar repeated it – £11.80 – bloody fantastic.

I’m off to scour the fixtures for another trip to the dark North – I need to take the opportunity while I can because maybe we won’t get to Bury or Rochdale again for a few years ( hopefully) !!


4 thoughts on “5 pints for £11.80

  1. I’ve been up to Wigan n all before n there always elpful up there. Well Lennon always was a good player, can’t understand why so many were givin im stick on them sites. A takeover aint good news, we’re better off with Queen Kat n King Roland. They would never sell our gaff for ahrsin but I’ve eard other things abahrt new owners but oh I forgot, if the owners aint foreign some on ere couldn’t care less anyway. Queen Kat’s bunch of flowers are on their way to our gaff, the Queen of CAFC n thass wot she’ll always be. The Queen of Disco would’ve been 68 tomorrah, so sad Donna aint no longer with us innit..

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