Deadline for Takeover

Unless the takeover is completed by around the 19th to 22nd of January, its not likely to happen until the end of the season at the earliest.

Any new owner will want to have the ability to shape this season with some new signings in the remainder of the January window and any later than the 22nd for completion would not really leave enough time to get deals done. Also, it is unlikely that any new owner would want to take on the monthly losses of c £500k between now and June, when they can’t do anything to influence the results.

Noone at the club seems to have any idea atall about the progress of discussions to date, It seems to be completely chaotic with a couple of potential bidders, maybe even 3. There has been much talk about bidders conducting due diligence, but quite why it seems to be taking so long is a mystery. Charlton is a small business and not really that complex so DD would be a relatively short exercise. It must really be arguing about the price and questioning the bidders ability to make the transaction happen.

If the deal doesn’t get done by the 22nd, in all likelihood this season is a write off unless Stephy Mavididi turns out to be the next Thierry Henry.


6 thoughts on “Deadline for Takeover

  1. Although we are a small company there are considerable assets, for example the value of the ground and the training complex, both are in London/its catchment area and there is the value of the squad plus a fair amount of debt which will have to paid off by someone.

  2. Without suggesting anything improper due diligence would include being wary of “smoke and mirrors” accounting practices particularly where there are related Companies. An outcome whereby Roly remains “the organ grinder ” is best avoided. A repeat of the Gilksten/ Hulyer episode and all that subesquently ensued is not desirable ! Any buyer would also have to negotiate and agree terms with existing Creditors.

  3. Duchelet going? I have said all along that the VOTV and CARD have caused many problems and hardened a management and owner . This has caused players to think about coming and prrosoective buyers to wonder why by this club..

    Barnsley had no problem getting sold. Barnsley is not in an international city or even a city.

    Duchelet has spent money. Maybe not wisely at times .New owners must be willing to do likewise.

    Our fans have a stay away and moan reputation. I would not risk money based on international the trouble makers our fans have become.

    • Paul you are certainly taking a rare contrary view. I guess we can only talk from personal experience but the friends I know that don’t attend anymore ( after 40 and 50 years) don’t attend because of Duchatelet’s lack of any vision or ambition for the club – and not because of anything CARD might have done. The only thing that is putting buyers off is the unrealistic pricing expectations that Duchatelet has. Understandably , he wishes to recoup all the monies he put into the club, but unfortunately a great deal of it was wasted on poor players and incompetent management including a rookie CEO.
      I agree on Barnsley but the price tag was only £20m which will allow the buyers to invest in the team. At a price of c £50m, potential buyers are put off by the cost and not any concerns about ‘fan power’

  4. I might be wrong but I thought Duchatelet only paid £20m for the club when it was in the Championship so why does he think it’s now worth £50m in League One? OK we know he’s made some infrastructure improvements but most of them would be considered routine day to day updates so why the inflated price? Sounds like he’s putting a premium price on his own self-inflicted debts. There’s no way anyone will pay that sort of money which leaves the question – with the time dragging on – are there really two solid potential buyers or is Dutchatelet just sounding out the market?

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